Yes YOU CAN Go on vacation without having a “Meal Plan” Panic Attack


Yes YOU CAN Go on vacation without having a “Meal Plan” Panic Attack

Does a vacation or a trip have to side line you?  It has been 6, 8, 12 weeks, even 6 months since you have been working on you for this vacation you planned.

In the back of your mind you knew that this day was coming, but you are scared, and excited all at once.

How am I going to maintain these results and still enjoy myself?  What if I totally go off the rails, drink and eat my way back to where I started?

After working so hard for 6, 8, 12 weeks or even longer, the prospect of being on the “open road”, or away from home, makes you break out into cold sweats?

Not that long ago, that was me!  I was absolutely petrified, OMG, the airports, the highway stops, all seemed less than optimal on my plan of eating.

And when I was bodybuilding, yes I did bring a cooler of food.

Absolutely nothing wrong with being prepared with some provisions along the way.

The problem happened when I realized the night before leaving on a flight to California.  I realized, having hard boiled eggs and chicken, in my bag, may have been on plan, but not the best smelling on a 6-hour plane ride across the country.


That same night I had a panic attack at an airport restaurant, worried there was “nothing for me to eat” on the menu.

I sat and stared at the menu feeling the sweat roll off my back, unable to decide.  As the waitress got frustrated and waited for me to decide, I blankly stared at a menu.

My mind was reeling with the prospect of eating something that would not fit my “macros” or “my plan”.  I literally had a lump in my throat unable to say anything…

That trip was a major turning point in how I handled my eating, thinking and staying “on plan”.  That was a little over 5 years ago and I have to say, when I travel now, it’s so much easier.

Now am I going to say, sure you can do this in 3 simple steps?  Am I going to say to you, just snap out of it, “IT’S EASY”?


What I am going to say to you is I can help you start the process of making “it easy”.

Here are 3 things that I advocate you implement into your life that helped me stop my suffering  


It is normal to be concerned that you may not be able to maintain a new lifestyle, especially on a trip, vacation or even at a party.   Yet if you are paralyzed by the prospect that you may or may not eat a locally grown pineapple in Hawaii, eat homemade pasta in Italy, or you will not be able to stop eating everything in sight, you are on a miserable “diet” and not living a lifestyle.

A big AH HA moment came when I realized I would be a total idiot to pass up locally grown strawberries in California, because they weren’t on my plan.

It may seem silly yet that was progress for me.


What I learned about consistency, is making consistent adjustments based on where I am in my daily life.  Knowing that on a consistent basis I was and am making better choices every day.  And if I don’t make a choice that is stellar, perfect or “on plan”, that is just fine too.

The day I threw out the chicken and the eggs, didn’t throw me off track.  Because I had consistently been making choices that worked for me for many months.  I realized I could get chicken and eggs in the airport, that fit within my lifestyle.  I had to put into practice that habit that I had created at home, outside my home as well.

In other words, I didn’t have to live in a bubble. I could make a choice that was educated and satisfying without breaking out into a cold sweat.

Here is the thing being consistent with change, doesn’t mean you throw in the towel because it is “hard”.  Be sure to make choices that are consistent with your time and energy.

Get a little uncomfortable, but don’t waste any energy making it exhausting to eat differently.

Even if you have a salad loaded with protein, along with your piece of Chicago pizza.  There is a possibility if you enjoy the flavor and know anything about Chicago pizza, you may be full after a few bites.

Don’t be a Victim and Trust Myself

When I sat at that table blankly staring at the menu, scared and thinking “there is nothing to eat”, it stopped me in my tracks.

I really had to get a grip and realize that was insanity.

OMG I was going to be miserable on this trip because I wouldn’t have anything that was “on my plan”.  Really, REALLY!!

Wow big eye opener for me.  I was going out to California to experience the sun, the water, the change of scenery and I was going to be miserable, because I won’t know what to eat, that is “on plan”?

What I realized is that I knew what to eat.  Again, maybe it wasn’t “on plan” or “perfect” but heck, I know the basic concepts and seriously one meal, or one week wasn’t going to destroy my habit of a healthy lifestyle I created.

And being miserable was a choice that I really didn’t want in my life, especially on a vacation.

So I made the decision to trust myself and eat.  All the work on consistency taught me a lot about myself and how a positive habit doesn’t go away because I am in another state.

Keep this in mind when you are packing for your trip

  • Stay clear with what you are doing now, and how it is going to work on vacation or not
  • Consistently working on your positive life changing habits
  • Not being the victim to your plan
  • And trusting you have a lifestyle plan that works
    • And if your lifestyle plan is not working then work on changing it, don’t give up, just work on it.

Be sure to have fun, enjoy your trip and like Dale Carnegie says ““Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”

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