Yes, The Next Weight Loss Challenge is the Only Way to Stay on “Track”


Yes, The Next Weight Loss Challenge is the Only Way to Stay on “Track”

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Laser focus on the “results” head down and get to the “results“.  Was that really what I wanted?  Oh well, got great results now back to my “regular” life.  Done.

What? REALLY? “regular” life?

The life I was trying to change in the first place for doing this challenge, contest, etc?  The life that got me to feel like I needed a change?

 From my own personal experience, I totally get this, when I was bodybuilding I thought my primary goal was
  • Looking good on the stage so the judges will give me high marks

I was working for a goal of getting on stage and looking my best. My head was down and laser focused on the “results“. Got my results now what?

How could I go on?  Do I go back to the old way of thinking and eating?

Well NO!

I had to stay “on track

  • I had to sign up for another show, putting myself on notice holding myself accountable.
  • If I didn’t have something to work toward then I thought I was flying free, I felt like I didn’t have a “reason” to stay “on track”.


Really, no reason to stay on track?

I guess I forgot about overcoming the symptoms of hypothyroidism and fibromylagia and living a life that was not hindered by having these conditions.  Somehow this became blurry with my squirrel to stay on “track”.

  • What was I thinking, when I thought I had to sign up for every bodybuilding competition to maintain a specific look or physique.? Was I really wanting a certain look, to stay healthy?
  • And how was I going to be able to maintain that look all the time? Did I really need that to hold me “accountable”?
  • And to be honest most of the time, I would always end up feeling like I sucked if I didn’t win or if I choose not to step up on stage.

 I realized I was focusing on the wrong outcomes and desired results.

So I had to redirect my focus again and think about the long term. What did I really want to achieve?

  • What I really wanted was a long term lifestyle that doesn’t require the next competition or challenge etc, to be my standard for living.
  • I had to remember that I wanted to live a long healthy quality of life and it was my lifestyle to be this way.

OH Yeah! That’s WHY!

This is where it gets hairy…

  •  Everyday I practice learning how to trust in my ability to make the best choices without the “accountability” challenges.
  • I don’t worry about being “perfect”, I know that my journey is not about winning or losing or if I suck or not.

It was a real relief when I started on this journey of self trust. And now I can TRUST myself, and know that I am not focused on the wrong thing or the wrong outcome.

Here is my advice to you…So you don’t have to join the next Challenge, “Biggest Loser” Competition or Bodybuilding/Physique Competition to “Stay on Track”

  • Focus on your “real” reason or “WHY” for embarking on a journey to change especially a healthy fat loss lifestyle journey
    • This takes digging deep, it is not always about the smaller jeans size or how you look on the outside, (maybe like me you want to stop the effects of disease or your body breaking down)
  • Learn how to trust yourself along the way
  • Don’t let the “squirrel’s” or distractions, “If only I was this size or this weight” lead  you off track of your “WHY”
  • And if you do get distracted by the squirrels, it’s OKAY, take a deep breath and revisit your “WHY”

Don’t get me wrong a 12 week “Challenge” got me started.  That Challenge started because of my “WHY”.  And if I have a squirrel distract me I always go back to my “WHY” every time..

And now if I am asked “What I am training for?”  I will always say LIFE!

Does this sound like you?  Do you struggle every year with having to join the next Challenge or competition to hold yourself accountable?  Would love to hear your thoughts.  Post them over on my Facebook Page Jenn Brango