Here is the thing, I HATE Diets and I will never advocate anyone go on a diet!

Want to know why Diet’s Piss ME OFF??

Because of my own personal experience with them.  And the things I have said to myself and heard from so many, mainly women.

“I would rather be skinny and miserable than slightly “overweight and healthy.”  “I just want to look good in a bathing suit, in my wedding dress, fit into normal size jeans.”

Why?  What about these statements sends chills down my spine?

Well because I know what they are saying, I have thought these things too…as a young girl I so wanted to fit in and not hear “Big BUTT”, “Fatty”, “Ugly Fat Girl”;

I had to believe them, right? Why would they keep saying these things, if they weren’t true?!

So started my journey of loathing and deprivation.   A roller coaster ride of weight loss and weight gain. 

Desperate to get these words out of my head, desperate to feel accepted and loved, just plain desperate.

Didn’t matter that I almost passed out trying Karate for the first time.  Why?

Cause I hadn’t eaten anything but fried dough all day (maybe a few diet cokes too).

The longer I deprived the moodier and self-deprecating I became; totally normal for a teenager, right?

Over the years as much as I wanted to believe deprivation for the short term was a good idea.

It left a lasting effect on me, hypothyroidism, lack of motivation, lack of self-worth with many years of aches and pain, and unnecessary injuries.

And as much as I wanted to believe I was doing myself a service by bodybuilding (lean eating and training 2-3 hours a day); believing it to be my healthy solution.

My healthy solution got me down to a weight of 108lbs!

And 15-20lbs heavier a week later.

My weight gain was justified, I had a major case of FOMO, eating everything in sight.  Everything I wasn’t “allowed” to eat on my restricted “diet”, looked good to me, even if I didn’t like it, I ate it.  It didn’t matter if I was stuffed, I just ate, acting as if I hadn’t had a meal in months.

It has taken me several years now but I can now eat to 80% fill and move on.  I don’t “restrict” I eat what works for me, and if it includes a glass of wine, a piece of cake or large salad with chicken on top that is what I eat.

Today my weight ranges between 128-135,

Why am I telling you this? 

This is to let you know that I am healthier than I have been in years.

And to let you know that I am living my life without dieting, I am living a healthy fat loss lifestyle that is all about balance, love of myself, especially my imperfect, perfect for me body.

Are you struggling with some perfect number you believe you need to be in order to be your “best”?

And are you struggling with that number because it keeps alluding you maybe you get there but it doesn’t’ stay?  So you keep dieting and staying on that roller coaster ride.  And every year it gets harder and harder. And every year you get more and more frustrated…

This is where I want to share with you an article  written by Kelsey Miller, all about calorie restriction, DIETING, and what it really does to the mind, body and spirit.  http://www.refinery29.com/minnesota-starvation-experiment

Miller exposed an old study done in 1944 on 36 men called the Minnesota Starvation Experiment.  https://archive.org/stream/MenAndHunger#page/n1/mode/2up.  She compared it to today’s diets, finding the similarities’ between the side effects and behaviors, undeniable.

“The rapid deterioration, the strange and often alarming changes in the subjects’ behavior, and the long-lasting effects of “semi-starvation” are hallmarks to anyone familiar with disordered eating…What’s not as frequently discussed — but just as evident — is this study’s implications about common dieting. After all, these men were not starved to the brink of death, but fed approximately 1,600 calories a day. Jenny Craig, for example, prescribes meal plans as low as 1,200. As we head deeper into diet and “bikini body” season, a story like this becomes even more harrowing in the light of our culture-wide practice of calorie counting. During this experiment, there was no underlying source or motivation for deprivation. Deprivation itself drove these men to “the threshold of insanity.”

Have you ever felt that way on “the threshold of insanity” while “dieting”?  I know I have.

My first year of bodybuilding I panicked because I wasn’t going to make weight for my 3rd competition.  I was over the 112lb limit, so I stopped eating for 24hours.  Deprived of food, water and energy I performed terribly.

Subsequently, following this competition I gained upwards of 20 lbs as I normally did, and hated myself yet again.  I was desperate for my lean physique again, so I tried every diet on the planet. Even trying the banana only diet, yes bananas all day every day, as many as I wanted.

I would vacillate between limiting my food and to just saying “F” it I will eat what I want.

Besides losing my ability to make positive and good decisions, I hated going out with people, especially when food was involved.  The world sucked and so did I.

What this study showed me, as Miller pointed out, is how I had experienced those same effects of “starvation/deprivation” such as those men had in that experiment.

Yet their experiment was only 6 months and here I was experimenting with myself doing this starvation, deprivation thing for over 30 years…

This is where I say to you, I TOTALLY GET IT!!!

It is so frustrating and so tempting to try the next 500-800 calorie a day diet; or even the 1200 calorie a day diet, it makes sense right?!

Or as Miller points out, this was my mental/emotional side effect from my own disordered eating?

Diets don’t work

Contrary to popular belief, research has shown that at least one-third to two-thirds of people on diets regain more weight than they have lost within four or five years, and the true number may well be significantly higher.

Weight loss and ‘fad’ diets do not take people’s individual requirements into consideration and can result in a person feeling hungry, experiencing low moods, lacking in energy levels and developing poor health.” http://www.nedc.com.au/disordered-eating

 What is the solution then?  Do we just throw in the towel and say the damage is done? 

Or is it possible to work a little harder at finding out about our own needs and considerations that all of these “fad” diets don’t do?

If you are DONE, hating yourself, DONE, struggling with the scale, DONE, depriving yourself, DONE, being miserable, like ME,

START HERE on your road to recovery…

Be PATIENT because yes it will take some time..you didn’t get here overnight.. so here are a few things I can suggest that helped me.

  • As my coach Jill Coleman says, you will need to “get your mind right”
    • As you can see from the “Starvation Experiment” dieting can leave lasting effects on your mind and how you behave.  So you will need to become aware of those behaviors first in order to make the adjustments.
  • There is a lifestyle plan out there for you, just spend more time listening to your body cues to know if it right for “you” or not.
    • You may not even realize when you are hungry or not, craving or not, and it will take you some time to regulate your hormones that go along with these sensations.  Your metabolic hormonal system may need a boost and a period of recovery before it works at it’s best.
  • Stop being miserable and hating yourself, start loving what you see in the mirror
    • I had to learn the image I see in the mirror is uniquely me. However it looks to the external world the sooner I love it, the more enjoyment and happiness I can experience on a daily basis.

And this is why I cringe, cry and want to shout NO!  When someone says “What do you think about XYZ DIET!!! 

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