Balancing stress and recovery is critical not just in competitive sports, but also in managing energy in all facets of our lives.” The Power of Full Engagement by Tony Schwartz and Jim Loehr.

Have you ever heard of the “Ripple Effect”?

Can you picture throwing a stone into a smooth pool of water and what happens to the water just from the impact of the stone?
Now put that into the perspective of your life.

Can you see a “Ripple Effect” that may be happening in your life, based on how you are living, right now?

I saw a post on Facebook from a Psychologist, using the glass analogy.

Instead of a glass half full or half empty, she says just hold that glass.
How long will your body be able to maintain holding that glass up, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months?
This analogy puts how you may be living your life into perspective. How long can your body endure being pushed to the max?

What is the “Ripple Effect” of having to hold that “glass” longer than necessary?

Constantly getting sick?
Always angry at our family?
Overeating or over drinking?
Job performance is slipping?
Tired all the time?
And the thought of exercise, just makes you more tired?

Total confession here, I have to admit, I have been guilty of trying to hold up that glass, much longer than I needed.

And this is what would happen… (My own Ripple Effect)

My workouts would suffer or become few and far between,
Eating a good meal was the last thing on my mind
I would either skip my meals or just eat whatever was in front of me
Ranging from protein bars, gluten free chips, many cups of coffee, or even a ½ bottle of wine
I only had enough energy to do the simple, easy daily tasks, no creating, nothing new (took too much energy)
And everything would make me cry or get angry, from one end of the emotional spectrum to the next.

So what did I have to do in order to stop holding this glass all the time?

How did I create a new positive “Ripple Effect” in my life?
I just stopped!

I realized I was falsely giving advice that I wasn’t’ t really living.
I felt like that Coach who sits on the side lines, eating pizza and drinking beer; while the team was sweating bullets, eating broccoli and veggies.
“Do as I say, not as I do”
OH NO!! That is not me, and that is not who I want to project or be perceived of being.

So I had to dig deep and seek the help of my mentors.
What would they advise me to do?

This is when I remembered my training and the opening statement of a Metabolic Effect group class.

This is a rest based workout.
That means that you actually want to rest in this workout.
If you do this workout correctly, you could be resting as much as you are working.
Your goal is to push as hard as you can, force yourself to rest… then get back into it.”
(Introduction to Metabolic Effect group workout created by Dr. Jade Teta and Dr. Keoni Teta)

OK, WOW!!!
So a workout is recommending that you rest? “..Force yourself to rest”?

AH HA!!!
In other words, stop trying to be the hero, victim or whatever I thought I was being by holding onto that stinking glass longer than I needed to hold it.
I had to “REST”, in order for me to “GET BACK INTO IT”, at my best.

By resting, and forcing myself to take a break, the results or “Ripple Effect” for me was the ability to now be fully engaged in my life again.

And now I no longer feel like that “imposter” dolling out advice I don’t follow. I live my life taking my rest “forcing myself to rest”, so I can “get back into it”.
How did I do it, and what can I do to help you stop the negative “Ripple Effect” in your life?

1. STOP being the “Hero” or the “Victim in your life

As a business owner, that happens to be a fitness business, I can get caught up in the necessity to keep moving and doing,
Because there is no one else to get it done, right?

WOW! That is so egotistical and selfish.

It didn’t really occur to me, until I stopped, I was a total hypocrite.

Telling my clients to rest, take days off, be sure to feel rested, and here I was pushing, pushing, pushing… IMPOSTER!

No longer do I say this and feel like an imposter. I turn off, let things wait, and I take a rest.


Here is the thing, it is not always about time. It is totally about the energy you have left after holding that glass all the time.

How much energy can you muster to be the best…?

Employee, Boss, Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, Friend, Partner, Lover, Person

If you are always holding the glass “all the time”?

Most professional athlete’s build in their rest and off season. If they didn’t then their careers tend to be cut short by over working and stressing their bodies.

As most of us are not professional athletes, we live under the premise that we have to keep going full steam ahead “all the time”.

Taking daily energy breaks, throughout the day, building in your rest can totally help.

I know for myself (which has been proven with research) you can be so much more productive when you build in breaks every 90 minutes throughout your day.


There is something to be said about saying it is okay to a take break and rest.

And as much as I thought I had it all together, I had to go back to my mentors and advisors, in order to give myself permission to rest.

The work will always be there, but I found I wasn’t getting anything productive or fulfilling done by always being “at it”.

So I say to myself, “work as hard as I can, then rest, rest completely, so I can get back into it!”
If you know that you are trying so hard to hold onto that glass and it is having a negative “Ripple Effect” on your life, heed my advice (from my own personal experience).

In order to work as hard as you can, you need to rest and rest completely!

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