What We Offer

Not Sure If We Could Help You Get the Body You’re Looking For? At Only Results our mission is to help our clients reach their Health and fitness goals all on their own. If you’re new to fitness, come get started in an environment that will patiently help you get going in something you know you need in your life. We tailor programs to every individual and provide programs for the everyday fitness enthusiasts to the beginner just starting their journey.


Team Training

Quality programming combined with the motivation of being in a Team training session: the best of both worlds. There are 5 primary styles of team training that change each week, continuously changing your workouts to help you avoid plateaus and promote ongoing results. Team Personal Training provides you with a chance to push yourself safely and effectively toward your goals. Plus, we’re obsessed with making new friends, so you’ll leave every class with new connections.



Semi-Private Personal Training

This is our version of one-on-one personal training. At Only Results Fitness, we believe that elite training should not just be for the wealthy. Our semi-private training approach offers you the same individualized workouts, but for half the cost, more scheduling flexibility, and a heck of a lot more fun than just hearing your own breathing!



A Proven System

How would you like to reduce the number on the scale by 15 or more pounds in the first few months with us? We believe that if you’re going to join a program you should see massive sustainable results FAST. We take the guesswork out of nutrition and exercise by starting you on a proven system that will fast-track your results in the first 42 days.

We offer various services based on Precision Nutrition,and Smart Macro protocols. The path depends on whether you are looking to lean out, get stronger, or prepare for a sport in which you participate.



If you didn’t need someone to hold you accountable you would probably be working out at home! Our tested and proven accountability system will nudge, push, and keep you on track towards your fitness goals. We can deliver on the level of accountability you need to ensure you get the most our of your time with us.

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