“We as humans are scared, ignorant and lazy”


“We as humans are scared, ignorant and lazy”

Asheville collageHave you ever been in a room full of people and know you probably are the most unremarkable out of the group?  Totally awed by genius, beauty, and drive just flowing from their pores.  Well that was me this weekend in September.

That is most certainly not a jab at my self esteem, it is a true statement of honesty.  And you may say why would you say that about yourself?

Well here is the thing, if I was the most remarkable person in the room then I would be delusional, stuck where I am right now and not true to my passion for change.

The reason why I surround myself with these remarkable people is to change and  get better and maybe, just maybe, get closer to being like them.

Hence this past weekend, with this awesome room full of Women, I am honored to know and be included in this group.

I would like to note, that Jill Coleman, a kick a&& chick (hope Jill knows that is a term of esteem to me),  is a true woman of influence.  Jill has a true talent in helping strong minded women harness their potential and be their best!  And I am so honored to know and be mentored by her.

This weekend was, of course, my opportunity to be a little more like Jill (in my own way of course) and to get a little kick in the pants, be inspired, and continue on my journey of “uncomfortable”.

As Jade Teta, owner and creator of Metabolic Effect with Jill, his wife, pointed out in his statement above;

Yes I am scared, yes I am unintelligent, yes I am truly lazy.

I am putting it out there and letting you know this is who I am.

However I am working on being a little more brave, gain a lot more knowledge and work harder than ever. It is taking everything I got to be less of a human existing and more of a human living with a purpose.

So how do we do that?  How do we start the process?  Here are just three steps that can get you started, that I use myself everyday.

1. Don’t get muddled by the “rules” the “right” way to do things.

When I started training for my first bodybuilding competition, I told my oldest sister, Barb, what I was doing and she said “that’s impossible, it takes years to get enough muscle to get up on the stage to compete.”  Oh OK, so I wasn’t going to take years, I was dedicating maybe 8 months total to my training.

And I would like to note my sister wasn’t being malicious or doubtful of my efforts she just knew the “rules” about competing.

If I had listened to my sister about the “rules” or the “right way” to go about bodybuilding I never would have done it, too scared, about not doing it the “right way“.  Whether I won or not my efforts were not banked on some arbitrary, “rules” of bodybuilding, I just put my head down and worked hard for those 8 months.  And guess what I won twice and lost twice, and yet I did it, knees a shaking and all!

So do the stuff that scares you!  Do You! Make it your way.  And if it makes your knees shake that means you should do it even more!!

Does that mean you should run with scissors, run all the stop lights, drive 100 mph on the highway and carelessly throw litter out your window.

No Silly!!! This means that you question the “rules”, that you believe you “have to follow”, and that can be really scary.

Stop asking for approval from the world.  And don’t expect everyone to like what you are doing, just do it anyway, because in the long run it will be you being YOU!

You make it your own.  Follow a plan that makes sense to you and slowly but surely you get a little less scared of doing the stuff you want to do that has always scared you.

Over the years that is what I have had to do with my eating, exercise and mindset.  Following a lifestyle of eating, exercise and a healthy mindset is just not how I can roll and be true to who I am.

2. Surround yourself with those that are better than you.

Have you ever heard the saying doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome is called insanity?

Well let’s face it when you are embarking on learning something new it is a possibility, that maybe just maybe, you don’t know it all.  So you may have to learn a whole new way of thinking and believing.

When I first started as a trainer, I thought I knew what I was doing, then I learned, I don’t know anything.  As a well known Coach and Motivator once said Thomas Plumber “You are going to suck when you start and as you get more educated and work more, you will suck a little less.” This is why I keep educating myself not only on fitness, but on business, human nature and overall life.

I am learning everyday that I need to keep learning, being open and ready to learn something new.  Again, if it is painful and hard, then it is definitely something worth learning.  Does that mean that I have to be an expert at everything?  Absolutely not, that means that I surround myself with the experts and learn from them to suck a little less…

 3. Get up everyday and do some more! Because you deserve it!

Hard work is the cure for being lazy.  Just doing it, day in and day out and that will get you less lazy.

That is what I learned from my bodybuilding days.  They were rough, I was sore, I was tired, I was beat up , but I got up everyday, and I worked.

I watched those around me eating everything I wanted; I carried my tilapia and green beans with me to a 3 Doors Down concert. I sat at a picnic table eating it while the couple beside me drank alcoholic beverages from mugs the size of a kitchen table leg.  They politely moved away when they started munching on their fries and loaded nachos, (after I gave them a death stare)

So I worked and I worked not for the sake of winning, but because I wanted to do this for me!

The more I worked the more confidence I gained and, oh wow, I was getting little more brave.

I actually learned through all my work that I could do this, but I had to do the work to get there.  It didn’t just magically happen through analysis or thinking about it, it took being down in the trenches day in and day out!

How about it, doesn’t it seem less of struggle when you are doing it for a reason?

Maybe one of us has something worth doing, saying or being and we just haven’t found it yet.  We just need to get a little less scared, a little less unintelligent (not sure if this is proper grammar, however remember I am not a rocket scientist) and a little less lazy.

We need to do the work, and yes it requires doing hard work.  And you know what I learned from doing hard work it eventually becomes less work and more apart of  just being me.

I hope you are ready to ride the ride with me because I want to let you know, I want you to come along with me, let’s do this together!

Let’s be better today than we were yesterday.

And by the way I really am wanting to run back in the house and hide under my covers and plant my butt down on the couch and watch Bravo all day.

I want to let you know that this very post scares the crap out of me and putting it out there is even tougher.  This post is a leap of faith that maybe, just maybe you may want to hear more…

Are you ready to put these three action steps into your life?  Remember I am just as scared as you are, but wouldn’t it be nice to be little more remarkable than you were yesterday?  What do you think?

Would love to hear from you, what are you doing today to be a little more remarkable than yesterday? Are you being a little more brave or what scares you that you need to work on?