My foot is broken…

Yep, the Doc, gave me the choice of continuing to wear the boot or a cast and crutches; I took the cast and crutches.
Does this sound utterly crazy or I am just out of my mind? Or is this an ingenious way to get Mike and others to step up and help me?

Before I go about splaining myself, Let’s talk a little bit about behaviors and habit change, not justify my actions but to put them into perspective.

Here is the thing when it comes to changing a behavior that leads to a habit it takes becoming aware of the habit and behavior that is not serving you.
Awareness is huge when it comes to change, just avoiding or ignoring it is not going to get you the change you want.  Being open and aware is key to being able to change.

Let’s think about this;

IF you don’t know WHAT you don’t know THEN you can’t change it, Right?

And did you notice when you are trying to make a change, you become SUPER AWARE, of everything around you?

Whether it is helping or hindering you,

Whether you are doing it RIGHT or WRONG,

Maybe your family is doing their thing but now you notice it so much more…

Like eating chips before dinner, or refusing to get on board with eating vegetables regularly or fails to remember you were going to the gym after work…

So, you get pissed and angry and just want to QUIT…

because it was so much easier when I didn’t notice these things, it was so much easier when I just kept the peace and went along with everyone…

Guess WHAT?

SORRY; BUT, your awareness won’t go away…

You have opened the “CAN OF POSSIBILITIES” and you are unable to put the lid back on that baby…It just doesn’t fit right anymore;

Oh, yes you are going to try and try extremely hard to close it up, but no matter what;

THAT CAN IS THERE, OPEN and waiting for you to consume it…

Now WHAT?  How do you manage with this feeling of overwhelm of your HYPER AWARENESS?

Rather than feeling as if the world is against you,

Look for ways that the world will serve you to help you achieve the change you want. 

Why NOT ASK for some help?

Go to those who are also seeking change (like minded),

People who understand your need for change and are willing to support you along the way.

But again, don’t EXPECT the WHOLE WORLD to comply with your desire to change,

You could be upsetting the comfortable, maybe even a little “rotten”, apple cart that is their world, too. 

So, go with grace and understanding that not everyone is going to like you to change or even the new you, who is emerging.

If you are willing to stay open to your own personal change, YES, the world in which you live will change.

It just takes wearing a cast and walking on crutches for a little while, it is challenging, but a process of healing and recreating old habits that became too painful to continue.

So, for me, my need to walk and do a lot of my other stuff, wasn’t going away just because I had a boot on my foot.

Hence, I choose to put my foot in a cast and walk with crutches so I can heal my foot.

NO I don’t love the pain and I am not looking for sympathy, (although a little sympathy is kind of nice sometimes)

I am just looking for the “best” way for me to heal, live my life and not have the prolonged pain of the break haunt me longer than is needed.

So if you are struggling and want to change but feel like you need a proverbial set of crutches and as cast for a little while… then go for it!

Just remember that when you are trying to heal and change for the better… it is okay to do those things that will help you move forward and embrace your new “CAN of POSSIBILITIES”