Mike was the kid at the age of 8 who had to go to the Husky section at Sears for Jeans. He was the kid who at the age of 9 had to suck weight just to be able to play football and was given the nickname of Puggsly, as in the Adam’s Family.

From the time Mike can remember, he has always enjoyed sports and physical activities. He was on his High School Baseball, Track and Golf  Teams however he continued to struggle with his weight through Junior High and College. At the age of 28, Mike’s weight hit all-time high of 265lbs. At this point, Mike felt there was something else going on and finally his Doctor figured it out. You see Mike’s Thyroid was no longer functioning, and was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism.

Mike felt a sense of relief that finally, he was not going crazy. Now he can get Thyroid Hormone Therapy and will get back to a normal weight. Well that did not happen. Over the next Decade, Mike ranged between 220-245lbs even though all his tests looked good and he was exercising. This is what led Mike on his Journey learn as much as possible about how to create a program that allowed his body to function properly.

Mike knew this needed to happen since his family history was not very promising when it comes to Cardiovascular Disease, so he needed to take control.  So, in order to help other’s build better health, Mike decided to use his science background, experiences and education to help as many people as possible make the necessary adjustments to change their path.

As 2008 started, Jennifer Brango was in full training mode and started her fitness business so of course Mike needed to wake-up and figure it out just to keep up with her. She has always been his rock no matter his weight. So naturally as her business grew, Mike jumped in to help. Finally getting certified in coaching and nutrition to help their clients achieve results.

Mike’s mentors include: Dr. Jade Teta (Metabolic Effect), Rachel and Alwyn Cosgrove (Results Fitness), Rick Mayo (Alloy PT), Dr. Trevor Kashey Phd (Kashey Method  Nutrition), Dr. John Spencer Ellis (NESTA).

Mike, enjoys a full range of fitness activities including: Strength Training, Functional Training, hiking, golfing, spending time with Jenn and their 3 dogs

Mike’s preferred music to train to: Hair Bands from the 80’s and 90’s and 2000’s Hard Rock

Education and Certifications

BSED Science Education (1993)

Precision Nutrition Coach


NESTA Adventure Boot Camp Coach

NESTA Biomechanics Specialist

Alloy PT Coaching

Master Fitness Trainer

Level 3 Nutrition Expert

Supplementation Expert for Men

Supplementation Expert for Women

Supplementation Expert for Elderly

Supplementation Expert for Athletes

Level 4 Performance Specialist

This one of Mike’s Favorite Quotes – “Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine.” ― Roy T. Bennett