Hi I am Jenn Brango, also known as the “the girl with the arms”

Have to say that I am privileged to partner with my husband Mike; coaching and learning from our “gym family” in our home away from home, Only Results Fitness in Phoenixville PA.

My story probably reads like many young girls, that struggled with their self-confidence and self-esteem surrounding my unhealthy relationship with my body.

My childhood speaks of a slightly overweight girl that failed to fit into the average young girl’s body type. With a behind that would make “today’s” ideal’s of a young girl jealous, my peers didn’t see it that way, and saw fit to ridicule my voluminous behind.

Hence this is where the story truly begins, at the age of 12, my dysfunctional roller coaster relationship with my body began with my first real “diet”.  Seeking acceptance by reducing myself to an acceptable size.

Yet after spending 15 years jumping on and off that roller coaster of dysfunction, at the young age of 27, my body and mind threw up the preverbal white flag.

A diagnosis of, fibromyalgia and hypothyroidism, gave me the “life” altering wake up call that has brought me to who I am today.

For more than 30 years this journey has been a part of my own personal mission, helping those that are struggling, much like myself.   My purpose is to teach anyone that is open, there is a new way of living that can transcend the “weight loss” game.

Our gym is an expression of my mission.  The gym we have created is a community of clients, that come to a place of acceptance and understanding.

Everyone’s journey is their own, and if what I say or do can help spark those that give us the privilege to meet to be their best, that is why I am here.

The people that are willing, with our guidance, may even find a better understanding of not only their relationship with their body, but their mind and spirit, too.

Oh and if you were interested… here are some of my training and credentials…


2018 OCB Pro Masters Figure

2004 NGA Miss Natural Philadelphia Women’s Overall Winner in Bodybuilding

2004 NGA MidAtlantic Women’s Overall Winner in Bodybuilding

As for my education, well let’s just say it is varied, showing how I want to be the best for those who need and want my help.

My Degrees and Certifications include:

  • Kettlebell 1
  • Coaching – Olympic lifting for Sports Performance
  • Functional Movement
  • Metabolic Effect Nutrition Coach and Group Instructor
  • Exercise for Seniors
  • TRX Group/Personal Training
  •  Adventure Boot Camp Coach
  • Personal Trainer I &II
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Group Training for Kids
  • Kickboxing, 

as well as a Bachelor’s Degree from West Chester University