Why Should I Exercise If It Doesn’t Come Easy?


Why Should I Exercise If It Doesn’t Come Easy?

Why torture yourself doing something that doesn’t come naturally? What is the real motivation to keep doing something when it only brings you pain? I know, I know, what you are saying, “WHY exercise (workout), etc. it’s just not me; it’s just so painful to start and it is just so painful to know what to do, it is just so painful to fit it in my schedule or I am more of an academic, I don’t like to exercise, it just doesn’t come naturally

WHY? And to be fair, I totally understand! I here are some of my struggles over the years;

I’ve have struggled with being uncomfortable while doing an exercise in the weight room.

Because I have two left feet, a step exercise class was embarrassing.

Karate, yea one class, DONE because  after the first class I almost vomited and passed out.

So, I joined the track team and took on the long jump, why no distance running. (sat on the runway and ate gummy bears during practice).

AND…I didn’t start bodybuilding until I was in my 30’s.

Oh I could totally tell you some stories. So here is the thing. I get it. I took the easy way out A LOT!

And while I am confessing! I SUCK AT anything technology related. Yes, I am admitting to the fact that technology has far surpassed me and it frustrates the crap out of me!

I worked so hard on the latest blog and guess what, my computers didn’t sync with the cloud and now I lost all my changes. What the $%#@, REALLY, why bother, right!!!

Geez this is really painful though...

PHEW… that was a lot easier to admit than I thought… and really why should you listen to me, when I pretty much just told you I suck at everything?

I would so rather be working out or writing a new exercise program or reviewing the newest movement patterns, just training clients, things that feel comfortable or more natural to me.

Ah-ha!! Wait, I didn’t always feel comfortable or natural working out; writing the exercise programs, reviewing movement patterns, or even training clients. Wait a minute. It took me exposing myself to the pain of doing these things, consistently, to reduce the pain of doing them.

“Bad habits are easy to acquire but hard to live with; Good habits are difficult to develop. A good habit results from a desire to work and sacrifice and sometimes a willingness to endure pain and suffering. But good habits are easy to live with. If you are willing to be uncomfortable for a little while, so you can press past the initial pain of change, in the long run your life will be much better. Pain doesn’t last forever, in fact, once you develop the new habit, the pain disappears.” Joel Osteen

In other words, I just had to do them consistently day in and day out till they became habit, apart of my process, as Joel Osteen says “..once you develop the new habit, the pain disappears.”

And to be honest. I really didn’t see a need to write or delve into the Social Media stuff, or even write a blog, it is so uncomfortable and so not necessary in my mind  (painful). 

Then low and behold, I picked up the book   “The Motivation Manifesto” by Brendon Burchard, and it resonated with me. Burchard talks about “A mark of greatness”;  and how it can be lost without intention and purpose. In other words, just do the work, ignore the distractions, laziness, or complaints of the work, don’t let it sideline or detract from your passion, this is a mark of true greatness.

Then I remembered why I am writing, and why I need to keep going and doing this. As frustrating as it may be to keep writing the same words over and over, it is important to do it, so each time it gets better and becomes a little more natural (less painful).

So maybe true greatness is a little over the top for you.

But I know if I want to be my best I have to push myself to do those things that may or may not come “naturally”. And the more I do those “unnatural” things, the more comfortable and the more natural I feel doing them. 

Yet I am motivated by something bigger than me. 

I am motivated by that client that says “Thank you, what you said really hit it home for me” or the one that says “I never thought I could do a pull up, push up or feel good in my own skin, till now”

It takes doing the painful work to become your best, as Brendon Burchard says your “mark of greatness”! 

Are you willing to endure the work and the pain to make your “mark of greatness”? Or is today just another day of living in your comfort zone?

As I struggle with my technology woes and pains, I know I am moving closer to becoming better, and possibly impacting you to become better as well.