“I trust everyone. I trust them to do what they do, and I am never disappointed. And since I trust people, I know to let them find their own way… Only your answers can help you.  You, yourself are the way the truth and the life, and when you realize this, the world becomes very kind.”  Byron Katie

“Oh Crap I forgot to wear my “fitbit”, “applewatch”, “Polar Watch”, “My Zone”, (name your fitness tracker/heart rate monitor of choice)”

Has this ever happened to you?

Okay so I am a huge believer that you shouldn’t be rewarded just for showing up.

It absolutely, takes putting in the work, and if this gadget can help you see that you are working really hard or maybe not hard enough, more power to you…

As much as I wanted to believe that I wasn’t a slave to the “gadgets”.

Low and Behold I got an email that said (my gadget of choice is the MY Zone), “Congratulations”, it shows my graph of work (graph with red all over it), and I kinda felt like I got a pat on the back.

I have to admit it can be validating when you get an email that says “congratulations” for working out.

It really seemed kind of odd considering, I come from the old school of just work out, bust your booty in the gym, with no one around, my earbuds in, head down sweating, out of breath, no accolades or cheerleading squad, no expectation of trophies;

And now I get excited when I get an email that says “congratulations” for meeting the standard of exercise?!

This totally got me thinking, look I am not above a trophy accolade or just an atta boy every once in a while.

Yet I realized that if I didn’t wear my “gadget” does it mean my workout didn’t count? How did I feel before I started wearing my “gadget”, was I truly working out hard, or enough?

This got me thinking back to my old school ideals “gadget free”.

If there is not record of my workout “back in the day” am I really telling you the truth about my history of lifting, experience, etc. 

 Where is the evidence, how can I prove myself that I actually did the work?  How are you going to believe me, if I don’t have the proof?

Oh course!!

I have pictures, I have stories and I have me… and I don’t need anything or anyone to prove it to, with “evidence”, “accolades” or even a print out, I have my truth, and integrity of truth that what I am telling you is the truth of my story and me.

Okay where am I going with this?

Let’s look at it this way, we live in a world where we just don’t trust anyone right? At first we don’t believe and they “must prove” to us that they are telling us the truth, right?

So here is the thing I am in the business of trust, when I get a client who wants help and asks for my help, it is all a matter of trust.

Trusting that what I am telling them is my truth and I am trusting that what they are telling me is their truth.

What I have learned is that if you are unable to “trust” yourself along the way it is very easy not trust another.  It can be truly scary if you know that you are not living your “truth”.

Okay so you start writing down your food; following the plan; taking pictures of the evidence and tracking your workouts with your gadgets.

Then you look to me to give you approval, accolades or oh no maybe disapproval?

Because why?  You still are having trouble “trusting” yourself enough, that you have the ability to exercise, eat and live a healthier, happier life.

And you know what I totally get that, because I have done it.

“Okay Jen, you have been bad so you need to start writing down your food, getting on the scale, track your fat and being accountable to these things, in order to prove you can be trusted around food, people, etc.…” this is what I have said to myself.

Okay so what did I have to do to find my “truth”? 

 It was getting clear on MY WHY, MY PURPOSE for eating, exercising and being overall mentally and physically healthy. 

 I had to get clear with myself and then I had to take action to live within my truth.

Sure I still like my accolades (emails from my gadget), a compliment from a client or a friend “man you make that look easy”, and every once in a while an “Atta Girl!”.

What really keeps me going, is when someone can come to me, that asked for my help and says…

“You challenge and inspire me to be better”

 Or “Jenn, you have given me the tools to Trust MYSELF enough to know I can do this”

 So if one of those tools is a gadget that sends you an email saying “Congratulations” that is awesome.

Just remember though when you don’t have that gadget, or that trainer, or that trophy, it takes “trusting yourself “to propel you to be your best.

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