Of course there is crying in weight lifting!


Of course there is crying in weight lifting!

barbell“If you aren’t crying during at least one of your weight training sessions then you are not working hard enough!!” (this is what I say to some of my clients)

This brings to mind the movie “A League of Their Own” with Tom Hanks and Gina Davis.  And that famous line, “There is no crying in baseball”

I was with Tom Hanks, that there was no crying in exercising.  Then it happened, I had a huge ugly cry after a really intense weight lifting training session.

This was after a 5 year hiatus of having a really good cry.  And boy did it feel awesome.

So, why didn’t I cry for 5 years? Were my tear ducts dried up? Did I just have nothing to cry about or did I just believe there was no room for crying in my world anymore.

In my mind, crying symbolized weakness to me.  I totally believed, I didn’t need help from anyone, and crying to or about anyone was just ludicrous.
Then I found some coaches who got me to pick up some big heavy weights, barbells that is, and uh oh I found myself spontaneously crying after picking these weights up.

What?? I thought lifting heavier weights would make me tougher, stronger and more resilient. That is exactly what it did, and that is why I was able to cry again.  I bounced back and felt better than I had in those five years of not crying.

Some may go to a therapist, eat ice cream, pour out their hearts to their friends or significant other, watch a mushy movie, or hang in bed all weekend and watch T.V.;
I go to the gym.

My therapy is pushing my body to the point that I can release those tears that need to be shed. I work my body to the maximum to get a healthy cry in and then move on. Exercise in other words has become my emotional release. If you have ever taken a Yoga class, it is accepted that someone may cry during their class, they are having their emotional release.

What I experience while lifting heavy weights is moving some well pent up emotions out of my body with the exertion I put into lifting those big weights. There is some biological science behind what is happening in my body, but it is still being studied, by the scientists.

Based on my own observance in my own gym with my women clients, this happens more often than not.
I have learned, that if a client is able to cry after or during a good session, I know we are on the right track. It is a clear sign of a break-through, and they are tapping into a side of themselves that maybe they haven’t in a very long time.

Here is how I see it, if you can exercise and get rid of that emotional baggage at the same time, it is bringing you to a healthier you. It is so much better than grabbing a huge piece of cake, a whole bottle of wine and/or a bag of chips.

And guess what lifting weights has given me the confidence that if I do eat some cake, drink some wine or eat some chips, I do it because I want to, not because I am burying my feelings in food. I let go of the emotional connection to my food and put all my efforts and emotions into the efforts I put into the gym.

So I encourage you to explore your feelings a little further by lifting a little heavier, picking up some weights that are going to push you to your best cry ever!

Have you ever had this happen to you?  Would love to hear your stories.  Just leave them in the comments below.