Looking for an awesome workout


Looking for an awesome workout

We all need a coach, even coaches need a coach in order to be better and always keep it fresh.  When Mike and I were in Asheville we drove to Winston-Salem to get in an awesome workout at the Metabolic Effect Fitness Center  with Dr. Jade Teta.

Our workout consisted of dips, for 10 minutes, 1 minute on, 1 minute off.  Phew .. what a burn and it didn’t just work my triceps, it really was a full upper body move, hitting my chest, shoulders, a bit of back.  Jade’s goal is to improve our strength with this type of workout.  He calls them Metabolic 10’s, to combine strength component with metabolic.

The 2nd half of the workout was 20 minutes with 4 moves to add a metabolic/heart pounding addition to the first part.  We had an up chain on a push press and 3 other exercises 5 reps each.  The goal of this part of the workout was to push yourself to your max and hopefully out do yourself the next time you do this workout.

If you don’t already follow Metabolic Effect I highly recommend you check them out.  We base a lot of what we do on what we have been taught by Metabolic Effect.  http://bit.ly/1IvfPXV

With that being said, Mike and I decided to use the principals of the Metabolic 10 workouts and create our own.  So we came up with this little gem found in the picture.  We outdid ourselves on this one and loved it!

This workout can be done in a gym, at home or in a hotel gym.  The key is switching out the equipment for what you have available to you.

If you are not familiar with the dead lift, be sure to work on your form prior to trying this move with weights.

If you are familiar then have at it!!

Here are some simple instructions to keep in mind when doing this workout.

EOMOM- Every other minuteDeadlift workout
AMRAP- As many rounds as possible

Be sure to pick a weight that is 70-80% of the maximum you can lift.  If you don’t know then pick a weight that is challenging at 6-8 reps.

You can try this workout with a barbell, kettle bells or dumbbells.   Be sure to use proper form when doing the deadlifts

Just be sure to push yourself a little.
**Note about the push ups ladder up to 10 (if you make it in 20 minutes) start at 1 and get to your maximum and record your push ups.

**If you don’t have a sled:
try jumping on a treadmill at an incline for 30sec
bike do a stand up climb for 30secs

Make note of all your weights and reps for the next time you workout.

Love to hear how you did with this workout!!! Leave it in the comments below..