Transformation 3

Okay, so this summer I posted some really obnoxious fit pictures of myself.
They really weren’t meant to be in your face, “Look At ME”.

They were a tribute to where I have been to where I am right now.

Remember that whole thing about fear?
These pictures represent so much of my adult life. This is my journey over 20 years.

Why NOW?

Let’s just say I am totally putting myself out there. Look how are you going to believe anything I have to say if I look like that fit chick, right?

And to be honest it is very therapeutic to look at those pictures and for once, just once I don’t nitpick everything about them.
These pictures represent 3 decades of my life 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.
That picture of me in my 20’s was really hard to find, why? Well let’s just say I was not happy with the way I looked or felt. There was a time in my life when pictures of myself were very rare. And if I did have any they were either stuffed in a box, or thrown away.
And although in my 30’s I was able to put on that bikini and stand up on the stage, I still wasn’t comfortable with my body yet. It shows my dedication but it doesn’t show the struggle I had after those pictures were taken, how I wanted to look like that all the time, and I just couldn’t.
Sure my pictures from my 40’s are done by a professional and I don’t deny I don’t always look so made up. But what that shows is my confidence to stand in front of a camera, wearing something that shows my confidence, and I am proud of who she is and how she got there.
It is true there is this thing about seeing is believing.
There are so many before and after photos that you can find on the internet and all over social media.
These photos are not the usual before and after that you can find on social media. What I want you to see, is that it is a journey, and it never stops. I have a whole lifetime to still live and thrive.
What I want to share with all of you is that I have been there, I have not always and am still not all put together, so I can totally understand your struggles.
I want to show you my struggles in color in addition to my writing and maybe just maybe you can see yourself in one of these pictures.
So these are not in your face “LOOK AT ME” Photos, they are my story telling you that I can understand if you are struggling, cause I have been there.
What I want you to see by “looking at me” is we may not be so different; you and I.
We may be at a different stage of our journeys. And if my journey can bring you better clarity I am more than willing to post these pictures, stories and more!