I failed the pull up on the Presidential testing..


I failed the pull up on the Presidential testing..

This week we had chin ups on our workouts, and we have a large majority of women in our gym. Most of the women that walk in our door say, “I really want to do a chin/pull pull upup, but I just can’t.”

You know I totally get that, I myself couldn’t do a pull up or a chin up either, it has only been in the last 5-6 years that I have been able to do them myself.

It totally killed me while I was training for my bodybuilding competitions, I struggled with this. I worked hard and watched some jump up to the bar and easily pull their own body weight up and down.

I kept playing this story in my head, “your a girl, you can’t do pull ups”.  Where did this story come from and why do so many of the women I meet have that same story?

See most of the women I talk to have a story in their head just like mine, of that fateful gym class Presidential testing, either the bar hang or chin/pull ups.

Trying and struggling in front of the whole gym class, it was absolutely humiliating. No wonder our stories tell us we can’t do them.  It scared us away from wanting to ever do a pull up again.  Because guess what, “we can’t do that”… it is scary…

Uh oh…scary, well okay let’s address this head on, I am no longer a young girl in a room full of kids, who may or may not judge me.

And if I fail, guess what it is okay, because I can keep working on doing a pull up again, and again….

So I worked for a good 5-6 years,(yes years) and finally I was able to raise my chin over that bar!! I just did it! With long hours of working on it.

I can tell you I gave up a lot, I told myself that I just can’t do this, you have a bad shoulder, it will never happen.

Then I decided, if I want this, I am just going to have to “do it”, as many times as it takes to get it done!

Guess what when a woman comes to me with an anxiousness in her eyes and says “I can’t do it”,

I know exactly what she is saying, I say it to myself a lot..

So we change our stories by saying let’s just try this and maybe, just maybe, you will get to do that “pull up” that has been haunting you all these years.

Or maybe it’s really not the pull up and it’s really about having a dream to do something that you want to do and you just can’t get it done.

What needs to change the most?  What is the key to overcoming this fear and this daunting, frightening past memory?

Rather than contemplating, planning and rethinking how you have failed  in the past , such as the chin up, we just do it.  And maybe you fail several more times but we start to erase that humiliating memory from your past and keep doing them till

Guess what, Viola! a full chin up, maybe some assistance or maybe not.

Remember this life has a lot of scary stuff that keeps coming up and sometimes it can hold us back from what we want to do in life.  If you want to do a pull up, or anything else in your life, don’t sit back and let the fear consume you.

Address it head on, let your knees shake a little bit, don’t talk yourself out of it and don’t let the old story drive you from getting what you want.  If your life is not what you wanted it to be and desire it to be different, then go out there and do what you want to do.

It may take work, like the many years I took  to do my pull up, but oh the glory of knowing that I did it and am still doing them on a regular basis.

Do you get this?  Are you struggling with a fear you just feel like has you trapped?  Are you afraid to just do it?

Or did you overcome a fear in order to get closer to a dream you had for you life?

Tell me your story would love to hear it in the comments below.