Has there ever been a time when you have felt like you need to justify your actions to someone? Either you confess the truth or you totally lie, because you just don’t know how they will react?

One thing I know in my business is not everyone is going to tell me the total truth. And that is okay, because guess what if you don’t want to tell me than that is totally fine.

I know myself when I am not in a good mental space, I may withhold the truth, because I am just not ready to “deal” per se.

This brings to mind, what happens to me often when I go to the grocery store, especially since we live in a smaller town, it is inevitable that I may encounter one of my clients.

And this is usually how it goes;

I will be walking around the grocery store and I will catch a glance out of the corner of my eye, someone darting down one of the aisles.

It doesn’t resonate with me until I see it again as I am walking past the meat section. That is odd I think, was that one of my clients?

No, never, why would they be trying to avoid me? It must be someone trying to get in and out of the store quickly.

And then it happens again as I am standing in the frozen food section, Is that? (insert client’s name); and why on earth would they be trying to avoid me?

Then the inevitable happens, especially in a small town grocery store, we come face to face. And there is absolutely no denying it, it is one of my clients and they are desperately trying to cover their basket.

An awkward Hey, and then this happens “this food is not for me, this is what my family eats. See I eat the lettuce, (pointing it out) with the chicken as well, but the rest of this, it’s for my family, I don’t eat this stuff.”

Or this is what happens “oh you eat that?” “I would never have thought that you eat that.”

Surprisingly enough this happens a lot. Whether it is in the grocery store or a local restaurant, either my clients or someone who knows that I am a Personal Trainer that owns a gym, I get an obligatory/confessing explanation of what they are eating and why.   Or a shocked or curious conversation about my choices not necessarily being “clean”.

And here is the thing I get it, because there have been times when I have been with my own family or Mike’s family and I have had to explain/confess what I am eating and why.

Sometimes it can turn into an interrogation, so my knee jerk reaction has been to explain before I was asked.

Yes, I absolutely care that my clients are taking the best care of themselves and I want them to see me as doing the same.

Best case scenario,  we are all making choices that lead us to reach our best goals ever. But what I have learned over the years, just by my own personal experience, it is a matter of choice and ownership of that choice.

What can you take away from this story I am telling you today?

  • When you make a choice to do something whether it is to eat and buy a Donut (or 12) or not, go to the gym or not, OWN IT! No need to justify, explain or confess.
  • Stand by your decision, if it turns out that it wasn’t the best, then learn from it and don’t beat yourself up about it.
  • Look we are all perfectly flawed so we are all going to mess up. The people you may think you need to hide from may be the people you need to learn from.
  • Rather than envying someone for their ability to be better than you, you might try emulating them, so you can be better as well.
  • And guess what those that you look up to or envy, they have messed up too, but they have been able to learn and be better for it as well.
  • It is inevitable that you are going to be found out so why not be authentically who you are right now.

I personally found out the hard way that if I choose to withhold the little things then I am not letting people get to know the real me.

And now I know I don’t need to justify, explain or confess to anyone. If I choose to eat lettuce and plain chicken or if I choose to eat Doritos and bacon wrapped Pizza; it is a personal choice, my own personal choice, not my trainer’s, not my husband’s, not my family and certainly not society’s decision, it is my own.

It is so liberating when I say, “Yes I do eat pizza, or Yes I ate that whole piece of cake or Yes I did eat that whole Salad!”, it’s really pretty simple. And if you are struggling with trying to outwardly look perfect to everyone around you or clarify your imperfections, remember NO ONE is perfect and I mean NO ONE!

No worries when you see me in the store, I am only going to say Hi, have a great day.  There is absolutely no need to hide behind the toilet paper display, or do a mad dash down the feminine products aisle (unless you need those items of course)

Would love to hear if this is one of your struggles; if you always feel yourself dodging people or explaining away your choices because you have this need to justify your actions?  Would love to hear from you and your struggle with this, post it over on my Facebook Page Jenn Brango