Fat Loss, Weight loss what is the difference?


Fat Loss, Weight loss what is the difference?

When I was in college I have to admit I believed in
“dieting” and doing lots of cardio in order to stay “thin”. Just cut back on my intake of food and I will lose what I gained. That is all I needed to do and by the way do a ton of cardio..
I actually lost weight while in college unlike the gain of weight most achieve.

But what I did to maintain that “weight loss” was crazy and unsustainable. It seemed to work, I was definitely smaller. But what I noticed was a little jiggle in my legs and arms, I assumed that was expected since I did lose weight.

Then life happened and I got a job after school, couldn’t exercise or eat the way I did in college to maintain my weight loss. And the scale and the clothing sizes kept going up at a rapid rate of speed. I kept trying to do the old way but it just didn’t work anymore.

And this is where my life took a turn for the worst, my dieting and excessive exercise from college set me up to get sick. My thyroid was shot and I was fighting off the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

So what was it about my college days that set me up to get sick? I destroyed my metabolism with all the low calorie, low fat eating and excessive amounts of exercise.
My thyroid, my little furnace, got messed up, it was destroyed by the abuse I put my body through with the lack of nutrients, depletion of calories and excessive exercise. What I looked like on the outside was awesome at the time, but I was destroying my insides.

What brought me back to health was learning a new way, my fountain of youth formula. I had to repair my hormones with my eating and exercise. I had to adapt a fat loss, muscle building regime in order to get healthy again. And the side effects were awesome.

My skin was no longer sagging and amazingly enough it actually tightened up as I lost more “weight”. What I was really losing was fat and with that came the weight.

What was the difference in the plans and why do I always advocate for “fat loss” living vs “weight loss” living?
Here is the thing what you may not know about weight loss, or care for that matter, is you are losing muscle more than you are losing fat. Those types of plans can do what they did to me, destroy my metabolism and my furnace, my thyroid.

I know what you are going to say, “But Jen I always seem to get my best results on the scale when I do that kind of a plan.” Here is the thing, how long can you maintain those results and do you find it even harder the next time you do this to get some or any results?

This is what is called Yo-yo dieting and it is only doing damage to your body. Have you ever noticed that when you diet, you get more jiggle, a little more sag in the skin, maybe even look a little older? By losing your precious muscle and not focusing on losing the fat you are setting your body off balance and leaving yourself open to metabolic problems, such as mine of hypothyroidism.

This is why I choose Fat Loss living vs weight loss living. Sure they can look similar to some but they really are not the same.

A fat loss plan is so much trickier than a weight loss plan, it requires consistent strength training to build muscle mass, eating more protein, eating more fibrous veggies and watching your intake of starches.

Truth be told it takes consistent work with sometimes slow results in order to repair any damage that may exist from a lifetime of “dieting”. But once you get this formula, start understanding that your body may be slow to respond and hang in there, you are setting yourself up for a longer healthier life.

As I have posted my pictures of myself in my 20’s versus today, I often get complemented on how much younger I look today vs in my 20’s.
So here is my takeaway for you.

  • If you want lasting change, muscle building exercise and eating is the way to go.
  • This type of Fat Loss plan is going to help you build a better performing more youthful body.

If your body is starting to see the damage caused by your Yo-yo dieting, much like mine did in my ’20’s, what it is going to hurt to try this type of Fat Loss Plan? Every week I offer Fat Loss tips and tricks to my email inner circle, Sign up here