Eggs aren’t the bad guys anymore.


Eggs aren’t the bad guys anymore.

Spring has sprung and chocolate Easter bunnies, marshmallow peeps, jelly beans and hard boiled colored eggs; have resurfaced.

I can totally remember back in the days of non-fat and low fat diets the marshmallow peeps, jelly beans and the chocolate Easter bunnies were not the enemy. It was those colored cholesterol, fat causing eggs that were evil.

I was certain based on the reports and high fat content, that egg yolks in particular were evil, thought to be the cause of high cholesterol and the fastest road to an early death.

So as a dedicated non-fat, low fat dieter, egg yolks were always sent to the trash can.

Now eggs are starting to get some redemption and coming back to the forefront of healthy living.  And guess what those yolks have most of the nutrients especially organic eggs.

 “It is now known that there is little, if any, connection between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol levels, consumption of one or more eggs per day does not adversely affect blood cholesterol levels.” as quoted in a review in Pub about “The Changing Face of Functional Food”

So why make a fuss about eggs, you ask?

All the awesome benefits, that you can get from a simple little egg or two.

Did you know….

 Eggs are an excellent source of the essential nutrients:

 Protein (that stuff I am always telling you to get more of) for muscle maintenance and growth

whole egg has 6g of protein, an egg white has 3.6g.

 Choline which is needed to help maintain a healthy brain and nervous system.  

 An egg also contains lutein and zeaxanthin which can also be found in broccoli and spinach

 Is also linked to a reduction of cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.

 As recently as 2010 the USDA has found that eggs found in America have 64% more Vitamin D than in 2002

Back in my bodybuilding days and even today, eggs are a huge staple for me.  First of all, as a non-cooker, they are super easy to make (even the hard boiled) and easy to grab and go.

I often make my omelets with 1 or 2 yolks and up to 5 egg whites. As a snack, they are convenient hard boiled extremely easy to pop in your mouth.

So if you are like me and looking for an easy way to up your nutrients especially your protein, add eggs, to your daily meals.

And if you have a hard time cooking, like me, and want the shell to come off the egg easily

Try this: Boil the eggs for 18 minutes then let the eggs sit in the pot for at least 5 minutes longer.  And when I drain the eggs of the hot water, I put ice on top of them so it will help get the shell to peel off the egg easier.

And any yolk I have left over I feed to the dogs, as a nutritionist snack!