Actions speak louder than REALITY TV


Actions speak louder than REALITY TV

“Do my actions reflect the quality of person I want to be, or can be?” Brendan Burchard

Ok so I have to confess, I have been known to get caught up in watching reality T.V. from Biggest Loser, My 600lb Life, Fit to Fat to Fit, (some of) The Real Housewives, Married at First Sight, Vanderpump Rules and even a daytime talk show or two.

Those shows can totally draw me in, they are fascinating watching their lives play out and they are “real” people with “real” problems, or so I am meant to believe, Right?

As much as it seems totally innocuous and harmless, there is something to be said about the previews, the commercials and the suspense for the next week.

What is going to happen next week or tomorrow on the next show.

I start to have a vested interest in these characters on screen. Are they going to stay together, are they going to lose the weight, are they going to have a fist fight at a dinner party, etc., etc.

So as I sit back compare, judge, coach and fight with these reality shows, I stop taking action in my life. I escape from my world, take a little down time, and turn my brain off.

Yet am I really turning off my brain, especially if I am not having a vested interest in the characters? Or am I draining my mental energy and filling my soul with a negative myopic view of the world, with my vested interest, judging, comparing, coaching, etc.?

It is not that often that I can come away from a show such as these and not be impacted, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. And most of the time it is in a negative way, especially when my energy may already be low. They leave an imprint on me that can last longer than that one hour. The characters on the screen are “real” and seeing their struggles play out on the screen in front of me, leaves not a lot of room for positive energy or positive action in my own life.

As Brendan Burchard so poignantly points out my “actions” by watching these shows, are not reflecting the “quality of person” I want to be or can be.

Maybe you don’t struggle with this, getting caught up with these shows.

Maybe you are saying Jen, I spend hours on Facebook, or playing games on my phone or Instagram or even Twitter.
What I would love for you to ask yourself when you engage in these things, do you come away feeling restored or even more drained than before?

And are you living the life you want or wasting your energy and time on those activities that don’t reflect you as a quality person?

Are these things taking up so much of your energy that you are unable to achieve your goals, such as getting into shape, eating for fat loss, spending time with your family?

Here is the thing, I am not here to judge, I want to offer up some actions that you can take to start being “the quality person, you want and can be”

Here are 10 suggestions (I use) to help boost your energy
Take a walk with the dogs or play with them
-Take a nap
-Take a restorative yoga class
-Connect with the positive people in your life
-Help out a family member in need
-Eat a meal with your family at the table and talk about your day
-Limit your time in front of the T.V., Facebook, IPad or Laptop, set a timer and stick to it.
-Try something new, like painting, coloring, new exercise program
-Take a cooking class or plant a garden

Remember the less energy you put into your distractions the more energy you will have for taking action in your own life.

Would love to hear if these suggestions help you take more action.  Post the comments on my Jenn Brango Facebook Page