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Hitting The Gate!

I HIT A GATE AND IT WAS THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED TO ME! Sound crazy? Not to me, because yes I did hit a gate while riding my bike along the Rock Creek Parkway. And that day symbolizes a pivotal moment in my life. It could have turned out so completely different yet I hit a gate right in front of a Ranger Station that just happened to be …Read More

FIT IN 42 is NOT for you!

Top 10 Reasons: The next launch of Fit In 42 at Only Results Fitness is just around the corner, and we want to make sure that you have a chance to join. Spots are limited, so call 484-202-0010 or email onlyresults@fitin42.com to get your interview scheduled. We also wanted to give you an out, because this program is NOT for everyone. Fit In 42 is only for those who are …Read More

Why Only Results Fitness is above the rest.

How Do I Become a Member of Only Results Fitness Phoenixville and Collegeville? To become a member of Only Results Fitness in the Phoenixville and Collegeville area is as easy as 3, 2, 1, go … 3. Contact Only Results Fitness  and schedule a FREE Strategy Session … 2. Meet with an Only Results Fitness Coach for a tour and we will also discuss your goals … 1. We will …Read More

Does Every Year Feel Like Ground Hog Day?

At the beginning of each year the buzz starts about losing weight, getting healthier, setting goals for 5K runs, etc. The long holiday season has come to an end so let’s start fresh and make the mental shift to pursue a healthier lifestyle. What if your mindset for 2014 was different? Why not look at each day as a new you? When making resolutions at the beginning of the year …Read More

Why Wait?

Thoughts for the first Monday of the New Year: Phew another year gone RIGHT! Isn’t it great to spend your days hoping for another day, always looking to something better. This year is going to be the year, right. Just not this week, but next week, that is when it gets better. “Can’t wait for the holiday season to be over” “Can’t wait till spring and this snow melts” “Can’t …Read More

We all have an expiration date, it’s what we do before that date that matters!

“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it. Be aware of the thoughts you are thinking. Separate them from the situation, which is always neutral, which always is as it is.” —Eckhart Tolle Several years ago I discovered that just “getting by” or just “making it through the day” was not how I wanted to live.  The truth is that I wanted to be …Read More

It’s all in the Perspective!

It’s all in your perspective…. “You have awesome arms, I wish I had your arms”, “If  I  had arms like you, I would always wear tank tops or no sleeves.” “I wish I had your butt.”  “Stop walking in front of me because I can’t stop staring at your nice butt.” My response: “Really?” Are you talking to me??”        As a self-proclaimed body hater, these kinds of comments or compliments (however …Read More

What is The Destination?

Taking a trip without knowing the final destination!! While training for my first amateur bodybuilding competition, I trained most weeks, 6 days a week.  The goal was never truly to win, it was to get up there and do it! What I learned throughout my training was to give my body the respect it needed throughout the process.  Being true to myself, I would train hard for 3 days then …Read More