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Our little herder in need of training, so do we!

Only Results Mascot“She thinks you are a stupid sheep that is why she keeps nipping you” was the explanation by Lucy’s Obedience trainer. Wow that was an eye opening moment, talk about a little bit of an ego killer. My new little addition to the family equates me to an animal that is unable to get themselves upright if they are lying on their back. In other words, she is the smarter one hence why we went to class and learned how to communicate without nipping one another(I almost got to the point of biting her back).

After six weeks of sometimes daily training we graduated, and I do mean; we. It was a truly joint effort on our part, Lucy and myself of course. When it comes to listening and learning it took this outside source, the trainer, to help us breach the lines of better communication and learning. It took me locking us in the bathroom, to walking maybe two houses up, to stop her dragging me down the street. Of course keeping all kinds of smelly, yummy treats available to help the process along.

However given it was only six weeks, there are still some behaviors or patterns that need to be changed. She is totally driven by patterns, good, bad or indifferent. She thrives on her patterns that are synched, like a computer into her brain. Remember she is smarter than me so she has trained me to run and go crazy yelling “stop biting me” because she knows this is a pattern that works for her. I believe it to be a bad pattern, yet she still continues to do this behavior to the point of leaving blood blisters on my flesh.

I am sure you would agree this is a truly bad pattern that leads to horrific results, my flesh red and inflamed. Seems to work for her however it doesn’t work for me and in the long run will not work for both of us, if she chooses to pick a stranger to inflict this bad pattern upon.

How does this relate to what I do and why does this matter in the world of fitness? Well it totally relates. Lucy needed special training specific to her. We needed a trainer to teach us to work better together. Which is we do on a daily basis. We help many people learn how to work with their bodies, and learn how to get it doing what they want it to do. Such as moving better, looking better, and overall just performing better.

Well think about it, if your body has some bad patterns of movement, let’s say your shoulders are rounded and tight, do you think placing a heavy barbell in your hands and holding it overhead is the best way to train your shoulders?

Yet some people do this unknowingly hurting their necks in the process. They continue this type of movement because they want strong, muscular Only Results Team Alloyshoulders, and assume that the pain is all a part of the gain. However if you had the help of qualified trainer, much like I got with Lucy, to decipher this pattern and find a solution to improving this movement, the unnecessary injury may not occur to your neck.

So much like my training with Lucy, it would take a professional to see this bad pattern, aware of functioning movement patterns, to help you decipher the communication patterns in your current movement. The coach can also help you retrain the bad communication patterns in your body, getting you more positive desired results such as sleek muscular shoulders without the neck pain. Bridging the communication gap with your body’s patterns is all a part of the coaching of a qualified trainer. In the long run if your goal is to gain better performance, better physique or overall general health, this can only be achieved with a better pattern of movement.

As with my sweet little Lucy, we needed a trainer to help us work well together, we needed the discerning eye of the trainer to help us find a better pattern. The investment of her training has improved our relationship immensely and I think she is starting to think of me more like another dog now, instead of a sheep.

We can all use a discerning eye to help us achieve better patterns in our lives. In general the best coaches are the ones who learn about your patterns, good and bad, then teach you how to implement the best functioning movements and patterns to achieve your best results. Needless to say if you are not getting assessed based on your current lifestyle, body movement and physical situation, it can only be a guessing game. As with Lucy, our trainer assessed us together, as well as discussing our lifestyle together.

A good trainer and coach, will work with you on all aspects of you personally in order to get you the best plan. That is why all of our clients will get a full assessment – Functional Movement Screen and Lifestyle Questionnaire.  Be sure to keep this in mind when you are looking for a good training program to achieve your goals. If you are trying to achieve a goal if you are not assessed it only ends up being a guessing game in the end and who knows what kind of results you will get.

We believe that all people can be healthy and strong and can experience great benefits from metabolic and strength training. We provide modifications and tiered levels of difficulty to take you safely to your fitness goals. We work hard to create an environment that is consistent, friendly and supportive. We are committed to helping you reach your goals

Hitting The Gate!


Sound crazy? Not to me, because yes I did hit a gate while riding my bike along the Rock Creek Parkway. And that day symbolizes a pivotal moment in my life. It could have turned out so completely different yet I hit a gate right in front of a Ranger Station that just happened to be doing drills with a local Fire Department. So my incident can be totally viewed as embarrassing or just lucky as hell. RCKPimages

Throughout my life I have found quite a few gates that have stopped me in my tracks, even thrown me to the ground and each time I get back up again. And why do I choose to do that and not stay on the ground or just stay right where I am behind the last gate? What is it that keeps me going, moving forward toward that next possible gate?

Monday’s are still a little rough, I can be honest, there is so much to do and not enough time in everyday to get it all done. Do I just want to hide behind the gates that keep popping up? Of course, I do, but if you have read some of my story, such as http://onlyresultsfitness.com/we-all-have-an-expiration-date/, you can learn how the gate to motherhood was slammed in my face. And yet again I got back up and move forward with more knowledge of who I am and who I want to be in this world.

Or maybe you didn’t know that in my 30’s I decided to compete as an amateur bodybuilder for the first time http://onlyresultsfitness.com/what-is-the-destination/. This is just another glimpse into my life’s journey and what has brought me to this point in my life. Maybe this resonates with you or you can see a piece of yourself in some of my stories. What these stories tell you, is about my life journey to bring me closer to you and help you relate to me.

As a woman who encounters other women just like me, maybe lost and looking for some direction; I work endlessly to help you find your true strengths and purpose that get lost with stuff or trapped behind your own gates of life. Sometimes it takes another woman, who can relate, to open a mind to the possibilities. Women, in my experience, who are seeking fitness and health are looking for overall emotional balance in their journey to a healthy wellness.

Now as a 44 year old woman in a world that doesn’t necessarily accept my need to own a business, especially in a male dominated world of fitness, I find other women who are pioneers in this world of health and fitness. These women are opening my perceived gates in this business. And women’s perspectives are the ones that are revolutionizing the business of health and wellness and making it a priority to change how this business is done.

Some of the women who stand out for me are Jill Coleman, Rachel Cosgrove, Lori Harder, Jen Sinkler, Neghar Fonooni, Kelli Calabrese, Cathy Savage are a few of the well published and respected women who make their mark every day, paving the way, and opening the gates for someone like me coming from Small town USA, working toward reaching more women like me.

In life I have found those pivotal moments are the ones that can really turn us around and help us find what we really should be doing in life. Our life destiny may not be apparent if we are looking in the wrong direction and until you hit that proverbial gate will you realize you have been looking in the wrong direction, looking back too much and not really seeing what is truly in front of you.

These women represent the Fire Department that was able to assist me when I needed it most lying on the ground in a bit of pain. I stand up today knowing that they have helped me get off the ground and I plan on paying this forward and help other women get up and get out there in this world that is calling all of us to be our best. And no I am not embarrassed that I was able to accept their help, I am truly thankful that there are people such as these women who are helping to push open all of our gates, and share our gifts with others. #gatesoflife #fitbodygps #onlyresultsfitness #life #motivation

Why Only Results Fitness is above the rest.

How Do I Become a Member of Only Results Fitness Phoenixville and Collegeville?

To become a member of Only Results Fitness in the Phoenixville and Collegeville area is as easy as 3, 2, 1, go … 3. Contact Only Results Fitness  and schedule a FREE Strategy Session … 2. Meet with an Only Results Fitness Coach for a tour and we will also discuss your goals … 1. We will make a recommendation for our program and you can choose which program will work the best for you … Go … Show up! But first … A fair warning: Only Results Fitness is an adult coaching facility not a do it yourself so called fitness facility. Most of those membership spots are filling fast. So we urge you to read this information right now!

What type of individuals do we work with?

It takes a certain kind of special person to push themselves, and others in getting into the best shape of their lives. Mentally tough, determined, and ready to take action when opportunity knocks. Those who have these qualities are the people we want to help most. That said, this is NOT for everyone. Who

Who Should Join?

First of all, we don’t care if you are 18, 40, or 65. There is NO JUDGEMENT at Only Results Fitness because everyone who is enrolled has one goal in mind, better health.  It matters not what “socioeconomic” demographic you come from either.

What does matter is…

  • You care about your own health and fitness …
  • You know how to honor others above yourself …
  • You have “high moral” standards …
  • You are kind to your fellow members …
  • You bring a spirit of encouragement to the group …
  • You leave your ego at the door …
  • You LOVE accountability …
  • You want to workout hard, get in the best shape of your life, and help encourage others do the same.

If you recognize the value of what we just said – then this is exactly what you’ve been looking for. The truth is … once you’ve experienced how this Exclusive community bonds together for the good of yourself and others, you’ll never want to go back to any other big box gym or posh health club again.

Now, we know what you are thinking!

“Okay, How Do I Join … and ‘Oh Yeah’ … How Much Does It Cost?”

We want you to know up front; we offer several levels of entry into Only Results Fitness … anywhere from 3 workouts a week up to 6 workouts a week .  Everyone starts with a 30 Day Custom Personal Training Membership. No matter what membership level you choose we will start you with a Custom membership for your first month which includes a Full Movement Screening, Program designed specific to your needs, 4 (55 min) Semi-Private Personal Training sessions, Unlimited Group Training, and Metabolic Effect Nutrition Coaching as well as access to our private facebook coaching group.

What Happens After the 30 Days?

After the 30 Days are up and a full health assessment and Individualized program is designed, different membership options will be given based on your results. We offer a few different programs that run 90Days, 180 Days or Yearly. We really don’t want to exclude anyone who desires to be a part of the Exclusive Only Results Fitness Coaching Club and have the benefits of working with a personal coach.

Why You Cannot Compare Apples to Oranges!

You may ask why our memberships cost more than basic gyms, YMCA, or health clubs? We challenge you to research other facilities offerings and compare Apples to Apples, not Apples to Oranges.

You will find out that no other facility can offer what we do for the cost. This is due to our programs being all inclusive and not cafeteria style. Only Results Fitness’ programs offer the chance to have a Personal Fitness Coach, Nutrition Program based on your needs and body type, Mindset Coaching, a Set Program to achieve your desired result, group classes that compliment your specific program, and unlimited access to the coaching facility.

But you should know this … Gold’s, the YMCA, CrossFit , and other gyms maybe cheaper on the surface, but when you compare the entire program at Only Results Fitness with those facilities, you will be hard pressed to find a better value. It’s all in the company you keep, isn’t it? Plus … you know as well as we do that you get what you pay for. By some standards, entry to the Only Results Fitness Coaching Program is quite expensive to get started … but it is so for several reasons:

1. Only Results Fitness is designed for a very small group of committed individuals who want to see serious gains and improvements in their health and fitness levels.

2. Although anyone can apply … It’s our opinion, that many people are simply not ready for this level of opportunity. We’d prefer to see only those on the “inside” who are able to take full advantage of the camaraderie this community provides. Naysayers will be happier if they stay at one of the gyms … and so will the rest of our exclusive community!

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How Only results comapres to other facilities in Phoenixville, Collegeville, Malvern, Chester Springs


You are the only one who can decide if joining is right for you … But let us just say … Even at the highest level of membership, we are much less expensive than paying for a gym membership and then adding on the cost of other personal services, personal training, nutritional coaching, heck … even group classes. If you’ve ever added on these costs, you know what I’m talking about. When you join the Only Results Fitness coaching center, your dues pay for the privilege of training with other members … AND you get a professional certified COACH to provide you the highest quality instruction anywhere. Compared to paying a trainer to count off reps and stare off into space at the next “tight body” lady who walks by … Well, like we said …

“It’s all in the company you keep” … and … “You get what you pay for.”

Sure, we can be considered expensive. We are not ashamed of our pricing. What we provide is unique program, designed for very specific individuals. When you experience the difference between what Only Results Fitness provides you, versus what you’ve experienced at Globo Gyms, or other big-box gyms, you’ll think our pricing is a bargain!

Investment in Yourself reaps longterm rewards!

In that sense, you could recover your investment (in terms of physical performance improvement) in just a few weeks. But the recovery of the investment isn’t the point. The point is, this is a complete and radical re-engineering of what it means to be a member of a fitness facility … one that genuinely cares about its members … and the members care about each other.

Now is the time to become the best version of yourself!

Only Results is a place where you can get into the best shape of your life and have more fun doing it. If that’s YOU (and we believe it is) … we can only encourage you to take “action” before it’s too late.

If you are still unsure, and because we don’t want to see well deserving people fall victim to their own skepticism … We’re inviting you to contact us for a “NO PRESSURE” consultation. We’ll show you around, answer all your questions, and then make a recommendation for which of our programs is going to fit your situation the best. At that point, if you decide that Only Results Fitness is NOT for you, no problem, and no hard feelings, We’ll part as friends. But, if you are serious about checking us out, then there is one more thing you MUST know first. We have only 30 membership slots available! So, if you are considering joining then we urge you to set your no pressure consultation today! Spend some time on this website and checkout the testimonials from our members.  We have men and women of all ages making the greatest fitness gains of their lives and having a blast while doing it! If this resonates with you then be sure to call us today at 484.202.0010. We look forward to meeting you.

Yours in Health,

Jen and Mike


P.S. If you want to findout more about the methods used to build Only Results programming checkout of Friends and Mentors!

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Metabolic Effect



We all have an expiration date, it’s what we do before that date that matters!

“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it. Be aware of the thoughts you are thinking. Separate them from the situation, which is always neutral, which always is as it is.” —Eckhart Tolle

Several years ago I discovered that just “getting by” or just “making it through the day” was not how I wanted to live.  The truth is that I wanted to be better; I wanted to smell the roses per se.  My life was wasting away with doubt, fear and disappointment and the only one I could blame was me.

After graduating from college, I had a degree and no game plan or any way to use my degree.  To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do when I grew up.  And here I was grown up and still didn’t know what to do with my life.  The one thing I knew, is I wanted to be a wife and a mother. And although this may not seem like a good aspiration to have in this day of equal rights of women, that is what I wanted.

My boyfriend and I were committed and knew we were going to get married. So, I got a job and worked like I was supposed to do after graduating college.  However, all the while I was working and thinking I was going to get married and have the whole picket fence, there was a desire in my heart to be better.  Yet, I stuffed that desire until I quit my first job and found a job that didn’t even need a degree.  The desire to be different was eating at my heart.

In the meantime we got married and starting planning for our future with a family. In our first year of marriage we found out we couldn’t have children, the natural way, we needed the assistance of doctors, little did I know it wasn’t even a guarantee.  My supposed dreams of being a mother were put to the test. With the help of insurance we were going to get one try with an infertility clinic.  Ok this is going to work because we were meant to have children.  So we took all our savings and started the process of getting the medications, since insurance didn’t pay for the medications associated with infertility.

If anyone knows infertility and the journey it takes, knows the time, cost of it and psychological implications. I was naïve in believing that one try was going to work!  Oh and our estimation of what the cost of the medications would be was grossly under estimated with the little savings we had at the time.  Yet, we kept our heads high and kept moving forward, we knew it was going to work.  We were going to have our family soon enough; this was so worth the painful process.  Injecting fertility medications, was like riding a roller coaster of emotions, with twists, turns and flipping upside down.  The painful injections, in public restrooms, the need to cry and scream at the same time were a necessary part of this journey; it would all end soon when I was holding my child in my arms…

Then came that fateful phone call while I was at work sitting in a room full of people and the words that were uttered in my ears, the test is negative.  You are not pregnant, you can stop the progesterone and … the words from that point I don’t remember.  All I remember is feeling the tears stream down my face while sitting in a room full of people.  That fateful day was when I realized that being positive and doing the right thing all the time didn’t always get you what you wanted. I drove home without seeing the road sobbing so hard it felt as if my heart was ripped from my chest.  I was pulled over for missing a yield sign and I didn’t even care.  The officer was kind enough to see my distress to let me go, yet I still didn’t know how I made it home.  I was 27 years old and didn’t know if ever I would be a mother or anything at that point.

That is when I started surviving. That is when the business of living my best and being better didn’t seem to truly matter.   My dream of being a mother was taken away from me, with that simple phone call.  The control or lack of control I felt, from this phone call left a void in my heart and didn’t sit well.  What I truly didn’t realize is that I was just surviving prior to this phone call, thinking that I was doing the right thing and living the life that I was supposed to live.  What now? Where do you go from here?  I really didn’t like my job much at that point, was not really happy.

That day was a day I will never forget.  It took a year to wallow in my pity, I totally gave in to my need to not care and destroy my health and happiness.  Within that year I slept, ate and drank my way to being in the worst physical shape of my life, and seeking medical help for the physical pain.  The doctor had no clue and diagnosed me with fibromyalgia, he gave me antidepressant to help with the lack of sleep.  Little did my Dr. know I was taking up to 20 Tylenol a day and getting migraines from the overuse of this pain reliever?

That was the day I found that voice that I failed to hear back when I graduated from college.  The voice that said you can do more and you have more to give.  Although you may not become a mother, you are still a woman who has something to offer in this world, so go out and find it.  It took coming off the Tylenol, and throwing away the antidepressants to start my journey back to being my best at whatever my life had to offer.

What this journey has taught me is that I am a fighter that wants to live at her best. It took me lifting weights and eating better to find the strong woman I knew I had in me.  I realized that my journey may not be the same, but there are others out there that may be struggling to just survive, just like me. They may need a boost or the motivation to find their path to start fighting for something better.  In these cases they may need some help getting past their fateful days or nights to help them feel healthy and strong can be a key to getting closer to their best. That is why I am thriving and taking my journey to others to help them thrive in their own lives.  We all have so much more to give in this world and we don’t have a right, much as I realized, to not offer our best to those who meet us.

It’s all in the Perspective!

It’s all in your perspective….

“You have awesome arms, I wish I had your arms”, “If  I  had arms like you, I would always wear tank tops or no sleeves.”

“I wish I had your butt.”  “Stop walking in front of me because I can’t stop staring at your nice butt.”

My response: “Really?” Are you talking to me??”

Trx Collegeville, Exercise Collegeville, Weight Loss Collegeville, Trainer Phoenixville, Jen Brango   Fit Arms, female health, women's fitness, strong women, phoenixville fitness gym   Diona Arms

As a self-proclaimed body hater, these kinds of comments or compliments (however you want to see it) can be truly uncomfortable and unnerving.  Although they may seem nice, having body image issues such as I have had throughout my life, these statements can create a whole tail spin of negative thoughts.

I even wrote a whole blog about being the “Fat Little Sister” http://onlyresultsfitness.com/the-fat-little-sister/ .  My whole life I have always felt inadequate and uncomfortable with my outward appearance, even around my own sisters.  And to have someone complement me on my arms or my butt, can really blow your mind.

Sound crazy?

Although the work for building a healthy body is important, the work in creating a healthy self-image as well, is just as important.  The change has to happen with how I see myself as well.  It is nice to have a sculpted body; however that may not always last.  What has helped me in this journey of body self-love is building a healthy perspective on what it means to have a healthy body which includes the mind and soul.

After spending a weekend in August with some fabulous ladies in fitness I reflected on how my perspective has changed throughout my life and how it will continue to change.  These ladies themselves have struggled with accepting themselves and still find some struggles in self-acceptance.  While listening to these women talk about their struggles, especially in an industry where you are judged by your appearance, they are saying a lot of the same things we say to ourselves most days.

When it comes to self-acceptance, it takes time on a daily basis.  What has helped is not punishing myself for not being perfect.  Maybe I miss a workout, or I eat a whole bag of rice chips or I just want to have a glass of wine or two.  Looking in the mirror after I choose to indulge and berating my body is not the way to self-acceptance.  Enjoying every bite is what brings me that much closer to my self- acceptance.

It has taken me several years to reconcile with the fact that my arms and my butt are pretty good and if someone notices, I should say thank you.  It has taken a lot of hard work and self-reflection to appreciate the body and mind that I have been given.  I know someday I will never regret being healthy in body, mind and spirit.

What is The Destination?

Taking a trip without knowing the final destination!! While training for my first amateur bodybuilding competition, I trained most weeks, 6 days a week.  The goal was never truly to win, it was to get up there and do it! What I learned throughout my training was to give my body the respect it needed throughout the process.  Being true to myself, I would train hard for 3 days then take a day off, then train hard again for 3 more days.  Every 3 days I would rest, I wouldn’t do extra cardio or even do light sets, I didn’t step into the gym.

In the end, I stepped up onto the stage, (which was my ultimate goal) and I was proud of my efforts in and out of the gym. I didn’t starve myself but I did restrict my choices.  I also tracked my intake of protein and made sure I spent the time to pay attention to my overall energy with my nutrients and my training regime.

The whole journey in the first competition and even the 2nd is what motivated me to get to the gym.  Every rep, every set, every dumbbell, brought me that much closer to achieving my goal, getting up there and saying I did it.  Every day I worked harder toward my goal. No bad attitude, that wasn’t going to get me any closer to my goal.  The pain, fatigue and frustration, was given little attention, every day was approached with a determination to get it done.  The journey was one of self-exploration and to see if it could really be done.  And in the end it was done, and it brought me two wins.

Then the change happened, my mind didn’t focus on the journey it focused on the end result of the win.  No matter how much I tried my attitude changed and it changed my determination and my training.  My focus was on the prize rather than the awesome journey.  It became drudgery to go the gym, my reward meals were more frequent. I lost the reason why I did it in the first place and only believed I had to win.

The mindset shift is what stopped me in my tracks.  The expectations changed and it became all about the end result instead of the journey.  The hard part was to dig down deep and realize I lost focus on the true purpose of my journey and only looked at my expected outcome. That is when I quit training so hard and started the real journey.  It has taken a good 7-8 years to reconcile, the journey with any possible outcomes.  At that point I realized I knew I wasn’t in it to become a Pro or even to make it to the National Level.

Every day is now about the journey in life.  Whatever I choose to accomplish is only the end result of my hard work and dedication and no matter what may happen in the end, I know that I enjoyed the journey and the process it took for me to get there.  The take away for everyone reading this account of my experience, is that it’s not always about the end result as much as it is about the fun you have getting somewhere. So, do not let the mind and noise around you detour the journey. Have fun every day and know that what ever your long range goals are it’s about the journey and how each day gets you closer.

Why Can’t I Eat Twinkies

Has there ever been a time in your life when you have said to yourself or to someone else “you work out so you can eat whatever you want”?  Or maybe you think someone like myself cannot relate to you because I am fit and have it all “put together” on the food front?

Truth be told, when I was a kid I remember walking through the grocery store with my Mom and saying to myself, “When I grow up I am going to buy everything Mom won’t let me buy, like Twinkies, Twizzlers, Fruity Pebbles, chips, etc.,  and eat them every day”.  The thoughts of filling my grocery basket with everything Mom wouldn’t let me have, made my mouth water with delight.

Although I have always wanted to be that person, you know them, the one that could eat whatever they wanted (believe me I tried).  My true reality, hit me in the face at the age of 27 when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Hypothyroidism.

What did it matter that I couldn’t have all the junk food in the world anymore? You see, due to my past extended indulgences, my life needed to be completely altered.  I was not living a life of a 27 year old because I felt much older and sick all the time.  The very food I believed to be my “reward” for being an adult, was slowly killing me.

Fast forward to today and the complete shift in my current reality and belief system.  My mouth still waters at the thought of a “good” treat, however those treats are real food and not junk food substances. My need to feel young and feel well, far outweighs any need to eat junk food all the time.

My mother taught me the best lesson ever when she took me to the grocery store all those years ago.  A treat should not be abused or over consumed, if I want to eat a treat it should be enjoyed and celebrated.  At the age of 43, I feel and look better than my 27 year old self.  And I owe it all to my Mother, for caring enough to teach me this invaluable lesson in life.

Wondering how you can find your best lifestyle and how it will work for you?  Want to get your own support system that will help you achieve a better you?  Join us for your Fit Body Assessmnt. It is all about learning what works best for you, much like I had to learn throughout my life.   We all need some type of support to find our best path.  You can contact us at 484-202-0010 to set-up your FREE Fit Body Assessment.

Fat Loss the key to reducing the size of the American Population


Over the past two months Only Results Fitness in Chester County, PA was able to reduce the size of their gym population with a Fat Loss Challenge. We have found the key to helping our clients get healthier and smaller was not to emphasize weight loss, instead focus on actual fat loss. The Summer Body Challenge highlighted the scientifically based programs we offer. The total changes were outstanding with 180 inches lost, based on waist and hip measurements, 208lbs of Fat lost, and 52 lbs of muscle gained. The prescription given by the Team at Only Results Fitness is based on current cutting edge research on Fat Loss. All participants were given exercise and nutrition guidance and were held accountable so they would achieve their maximum fat loss results.

A research study by the Scand J Med Sci Sports has shown, that a group eating 6 meals per day lost more fat than a group eating 2 meals per day – despite calories being equal.

The participants who followed the plan were able to lose fat and gain lean body mass. A key factor of fat loss is the frequency of eating, it keeps the metabolism burning fat while maintaining or gaining muscle. Another key to the participant’s success was the specific group and individual training programs that we prescribe for all of our clients. Again these prescriptions for exercise are based on the scientific research we study and put into practice.

Here are some of the findings: When comparing the energy cost of two popular forms of exercise some incredible results were discovered. A study by by Tremblay A, Simoneau JA, Bouchard C. on the “Impact of exercise intensity on body fatness and skeletal muscle metabolism”, found that after 20 weeks of aerobic training the participants burned an average of 28,661 calories while after 15 weeks of Interval training participants burned an average of 13,614 calories (less than half of the aerobic group). However, the interval training group showed a NINE TIMES greater loss in subcutaneous fat than the endurance group.

Ironically in 6 weeks, all participants lost fat as well as weight and were able to gain much needed lean body mass.