How the F am I going to look good naked?  That is what I want to know?  Really that is what I always wanted to know.

Passing by that full length mirror and saying DAMMNN… YOU LOOK GOOD! Not the Oh DAMN… WHAT IS THAT?  Or Running like hell through a room knowing the mirrors are there…

And that is why I was a “WORLD CLASS” dieter!  I can do those diets like no other… no one can win like I can! I have the willpower and ability to take on any DIET.  You name it I can do it!

WHY? BECAUSE I wanted to stand in front of a mirror totally and completely naked, LOVING WHAT I SEE!  SEEING WHAT I SHOULD LOVE!

Which is why I always got MEDALS for my Dieting… If it takes starving myself, Kicking my own ASS in the gym for a couple of weeks to look kick ass!


And then it hits… WHY, do I keep doing this to myself?  What is it that is compelling me to torture and hate myself all along the way?

Could it be the messages and words I am hearing? Could it be what I am saying to myself on a daily basis?  Is it the words that keep coming back and getting me?

What do I say to myself if I really look at myself in the mirror?

I want…Smaller waistline, Toned Arms, Flat belly, Perfect Booty, Long, Lean and Muscular legs….

CAUSE RIGHT NOW I AM SEEING, Cellulite, Kankles, bloated/fat belly, small butt, small breasts, wrinkles, short fat legs, saggy butt…


What is the solution? What is the fix? How do you look good naked all the time without having to torture yourself? WHY NOT TRY THIS?

GET NAKED and stand in front of that dreaded mirror and Say this to yourself…

“No one can compare to me because I am me!

I have cellulite, I have fat on my body, I have scars and moles and wrinkly skin. 


I have lived my life the way I should, and I wouldn’t trade that or this Body for anyone because I  am living my life being the best me! And I look GOOD to be ME!”

It takes doing that day in and day out!! It takes practicing this in the mirror (you hate so much) every single day! I have to say, It is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, but guess what?

Now, I actually stop and look, REALLY LOOK, in the mirror.  Then I recite these things to myself every single time I LOOK at that woman staring back at me.

Because I know she no longer wants to hate herself with dieting and extreme exercise. She wants to live her life fully, with joy and passion!  And that beautiful, reflection is ME!

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About the Author Jennifer

I am helping women change their story they play in their head everyday. You should never resign yourself if you are not living your true self and purpose. As a female entrepreneur and fitness professional, My own story has many ups and downs which started more than 33 years ago as a 12 year old bullied for her big butt. My 12 year old self started her own personal plan, started the fire and the uphill climb to overcome her imperfect self. The plot and the story thickened when my body gave out on me in my 20's diagnosed with fibromyalgia and hypothyroidism As a worn down just barely married woman, I needed to reclaim my youth through weight lifting and eating for me. It took those health issues to help me find my way back to rewrite my story. I use this journey and personal experiences of many ups and downs in health, to work right beside my clients to help them achieve their best self. Today I work right beside the women I meet to teach them that they do count and they do have a purpose.

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