She thinks you are a stupid sheep that is why she keeps nipping you” was the explanation by Lucy’s Obedience trainer. Wow that was an eye opening moment, talk about a little bit of an ego killer.

When we added Lucy, this cute little furry addition to the family, I never thought she would equate me to an animal that is unable to get themselves upright if they are lying on their back.

Yep, she was teaching us that she was smart, to the point of being smarter than us.

So that is when we decided to get some outside help, to learn how to communicate with this brilliant little girl.

Six weeks was the option, not enough, but a start, to learn how to live together without me screaming “OUCH” quit biting me, and her taking off with my socks in her mouth.

This taught me a huge lesson and reflection on what I do on a daily basis in my gym and online.

As much as I want to believe that a short term, go to class, do as I say type of environment, can correct some behaviors, it really is only a start.

Much like when, Lucy and I came home and put it into practice daily, that was the key to figuring it out together.

We knew how to communicate now that we had class, but we had to keep practicing it day in and day out.

In other words, taking it out into the “real” world. Putting ourselves in circumstances that aren’t so staged or planned. When the circumstances may not be so “perfect”, how do you deal?

Much like our lives when we start “getting into shape” or “getting our health back”; It may take a kick start from a gym or an online coach to get you going.

Yet in the end it is up to you to take those lessons that you have learned and put them into practice, every day, day in, and day out.

And guess what if you don’t have it perfect, so what, keep trying and keep practicing!

And yes Lucy and I are still working at it, sometimes not enough and that is okay.

We have taken the lessons that we have learned in that protected class environment and put them into play in our “real” lives.

And this is what I would like to see for you..

Being able to put into practice what you learn in that protected gym environment and put it into practice in your “real” everyday life.

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