Confession about Diets by a Fit Pro

Okay so little confession here, I have been doing you a disservice by telling you NOT TO DIET!

After all these years of experimenting on myself I hold the assumption that dieting is all about suffering and miserable. And really my concern for you means, I don’ t want you to suffer like I did.

What if you experienced a little bit of “pain”? The pain of taking out a few food items. Maybe even losing some inches. Oh and getting sore from exercise, but the result is that you are now healthier than you have ever been;
Wouldn’t that be worth it?

Yet, when I talk about eating intuitively it really seems so much sexier, doesn’t it?
Being able to eat whatever you want.
Knowing when you are hungry.
When to stop eating.

While still having the ability to maintain a body, mind and spirit that is aligned with you at your best, SOUNDS AWESOME, doesn’t it?!

Well guess what sometimes it takes a little bit of “dieting” to keep you focused on the end goal, of LIVING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, whatever that means to you.

I humbly come to you admitting my way of thinking comes from my own experience of “dieting” and my irrational love/hate relationship is my own hang up about DIETING… this word and my assumptions that surround the idea of the word diet.

So here is the thing;
Am I doing you a disservice by telling you that you can intuitively figure it out in a few short weeks when I myself took YEARS to get to this point…

Ups, and Downs, playing with this food plan, supplement plan, eating all fats, etc.

What diets can offer is an opportunity to take out the need to truly “figure it” out, so that you can at least get some results that make sense.

Yet what the biggest hang up we all have about dieting is the need to feel like we are being “punished” by dieting: I CAN’T HAVE THAT, I SHOULD EAT THAT… ETC, ETC.

If you go into a “diet” with the full intention of proving “diet’s” never work for you, then there you go…they won’t work or maybe they do for the short term but end up leading to excessive unhealthy behaviors following the “end” of the “diet”.

But what if you go into an eating plan with the intention of feeling better, moving better, having more energy, achieving more, and improving your overall health.

What if you get a better understanding of yourself along the way, challenging yourself to do different and be different? Isn’t that really what you want in the long run?

When it comes to “dieting” the idea of COMMITTING to a meal and exercise plan, scares us. Because we just can’t trust ourselves to commit, because of previous experiences with diets.

We believe that “dieting” requires living in a bubble for 6 weeks, not attending family functions, work functions, or eating at home all the time. And here is the thing, for a few weeks that may be the case, because you may not have been able to “handle” being in public with those “temptations”.

But let’s be totally honest here, by “demonizing” diets, it takes the pressure off exploring your own lack of progress. It gives you “permission” to not take responsibility for the actions that are not serving your overall Healthy Lifestyle Goals.

Dieting is not all bad!!

** Little disclaimer here, not all diets are created equal and neither are we. Like anything else deciding to go to the extreme, not eating, exercising in excess, and doing things that are not for your health may not serve long term success. When we are talking “diets” we are talking about eating and exercising that will get you results that lead to longer term health. **

The problem lies in the intentions behind the diet and the overall mindset that exists before, during and after that can lead to long term health issues, or long term healthy lifestyle living.

Diets can work, the secret lies in your intention to carry on, and change your mind with your body.

Progress cannot happen if you continue to believe the same old stories in your head.

Success is not built from the thoughts that you have to fail! Success lies in you embracing the new mindset and the new thinking.

What you want to happen is learning more about yourself along the way. If you are feeling like you SHOULD, then you are feeling forced to diet.

But, if you want to challenge yourself and your old beliefs around “dieting”; then you are making a choice that makes sense for you.

If you are on my email list, it was only a couple of weeks ago we were talking about stress, and how the thoughts around stress are what kill not the actual stress itself.

What if you can change your negative thoughts around dieting? Have you subscribed to the notion, DIETING is the cause of obesity. Maybe even Diets set you up for further weight gain or even the notion that diets only fail you.

What if you can believe that diets are setting you up to take control and make a choice for your healthy lifestyle future.

If you can embrace the process of exploring eating more veggies; what about adding more muscle building proteins and drinking more water. What if trying out new recipes resulted in setting a foundation for long term health?

How does that sound to you?

Sound crazy enough to make some sense…?

Not too long ago I wrote a blog about 21 days to change, and whether that is true or not. Check it out here

If you didn’t notice, “diets” are not the problem! It’s what we think and believe about diets that could be the biggest problem!

Leaving you with this quote from the previous blog…

As the Serenity Prayer says, “Courage to change the things I can. Living one day at a time; enjoying one moment at a time; accepting hardships as the pathway to peace. That I may be reasonably happy in this life.”

And don’t forget!  If you need help on your journey to a Healthy Lifestyle, I am here to serve you on that journey!

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I am helping women change their story they play in their head everyday. You should never resign yourself if you are not living your true self and purpose. As a female entrepreneur and fitness professional, My own story has many ups and downs which started more than 33 years ago as a 12 year old bullied for her big butt. My 12 year old self started her own personal plan, started the fire and the uphill climb to overcome her imperfect self. The plot and the story thickened when my body gave out on me in my 20's diagnosed with fibromyalgia and hypothyroidism As a worn down just barely married woman, I needed to reclaim my youth through weight lifting and eating for me. It took those health issues to help me find my way back to rewrite my story. I use this journey and personal experiences of many ups and downs in health, to work right beside my clients to help them achieve their best self. Today I work right beside the women I meet to teach them that they do count and they do have a purpose.

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