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Traffic Woes and You!

Oh the traffic woes!! All the summer construction, the summer beach traffic, the closing of bridges for repair, so much and you just can’t get to work on time, beside getting to the gym right?

A few weeks ago we were coming back from Providence, RI and wow what an eye opener for us. As a former long distance commuter it brought back a lot of memories none so

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Myth: 21 Days to Change Fitness

“….people’s behavior shapes the personal narratives they develop. If they act kindly toward others, they begin to see themselves as having kind dispositions, and the more they view themselves as kind, the more likely they are to help others—thereby strengthening their new narrative.” Timothy D. Wilson

How long does it really take to create or change a habit? Is it true that you can create a new habit in

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Process of Change

While getting my groceries today, I had the joy of getting my groceries bagged for me. Although I had my stint as a grocery store cashier, one summer out of college, I was more than happy to let her bag my groceries.

It gave me an opportunity to just stand patiently not focusing on anything. Until I noticed my refrigerator bag was empty except for my 12 pack of

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Our little herder in need of training, so do we!

“She thinks you are a stupid sheep that is why she keeps nipping you” was the explanation by Lucy’s Obedience trainer. Wow that was an eye opening moment, talk about a little bit of an ego killer. My new little addition to the family equates me to an animal that is unable to get themselves upright if they are lying on their back. In other words, she is the

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FIT IN 42 is NOT for you!

Top 10 Reasons:
The next launch of Fit In 42 at Only Results Fitness is just around the corner, and we want to make sure that you have a chance to join. Spots are limited, so call 484-202-0010 or email onlyresults@fitin42.com to get your interview scheduled.

We also wanted to give you an out, because this program is NOT for everyone. Fit In 42 is only for those who

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Rest is Over Rated – Part 2

Continued from – http://onlyresultsfitness.com/rest-rated/

Here is the thing, it is not always about time, it is about how much energy you can muster to be the best employee, boss, Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, Friend, Partner, Lover, person, if you don’t take the time to recover. Most professional athlete’s build in their rest and off season, however that is not something that is accepted in today’s American society. So you

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Pennsylvania Fit Pro

Jennifer BrangoJen’s expertise comes from working through her own obstacles of a healthy life. Having hypothyroidism and dealing with all the implications that may occur with this type of autoimmune disease, she can relate greatly to her clients who struggle. At the age of 33 she was able to transform her body from slightly pudgy into an amateur bodybuilder. The knowledge she gained from this experience, helped her understand how unique every person can be while also understanding that having a low thyroid is not a diagnosis to be fat the rest of your life. It is a manageable condition, that requires a true understanding of your own personal nutrition and exercise. In order for her to have a quality life, proper diet and exercise is a necessity. Each client is uniquely different, and all of their programs are specific to their needs.  Much like her own journey, their journey is unique to them personally. Jen will work with you to create a personalized weight training and weight loss program through a thorough analysis of your lifestyle, patterns, physical abilities and metabolic system.

Mike Stripe GoodMike’s goal is to create a routine that is going to push the client close to his/her physical limits. However, being conscious not to push pass ones limits, as this would most likely regress the client and could lead to an injury. Mike also places great emphasis on balancing the workout routines to insure all muscle groups and movement chains are equally trained. The result is that most clients feel worked hard, but do not complain of muscle stiffness and/or joint pain. In fact, most clients admit that they feel looser and more energetic when they stick to the plan. Most importantly, clients often realize that when they train consistently, stick to eating recommendations and follow all other health tips, they achieve, and many times surpass, their expected goals.

Title: Only Results Fitness in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

Favorite Quote
With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”  Matthew 19:26

Episode Highlights
Full, satisfied, tired, and craving

Favorite Exercise/Sports Event: Dead Lift, Relays