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Lifestyle Fitness Program

Does this Sound Like You?

      • You Have Several Workout DVD’s at home and all they are only collecting dust
      • You have used Exercise programs from many Popular Magazines but do not get the results they promise
      • You have Joined a local Health Club, Gym, Boot Camp, Exercise Program and have taken every class they offer and had no success with weight/fat loss
      • You feel lethargic and don’t sleep well on most nights
      • You have a tough time keeping up with your kids
      • You have tried more diets than you can count but were unable to maintain  it long tern and have put the weight back on and then some?
      • You feel intimidated in big gym environments
      • You are confused by all the conflicting info in the media
      • You have given up hope that there is a program out there that will get you the results you deserve.

Well the problem is most people are looking for a quick fix and exercise plan. At Only Results Fitness you will actually get a Lifestyle Training Plan. Our Programming is what makes us different and we will be with you every step of the way.  Making constant adjustments as you progress through the different phases of a fitness lifestyle!

Title: Only Results Fitness in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

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It's Your Program

We don't just claim to change "the way fitness is done," we prove it. We aren't about cookie-cutter workouts, we're about people. Each person is unique, with different goals, body types, and base-levels of fitness. Every member begins with a Strategy Session, featuring the Functional Movement Screen, to address each person's goals. Screening and understanding the individual is our top priority.

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New Gym Concept

Only Results Fitness is the alternative to any big box gym. Our unique approach to training is getting noticed, because it gets results. Step into our facility and you'll feel the sense of family and community. From our friendly staff and members to the science based fitness programming touches that guide you through your workouts, we are the best part of our members' day, every day. You won't find drill sergeants and loudmouths negatively charging your workouts.

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Insights, Mindset, and Fitness Tips

Rest is Over Rated – Part 2

Continued from – http://onlyresultsfitness.com/rest-rated/

Here is the thing, it is not always about time, it is about how much energy you can muster to be the best employee, boss, Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, Friend, Partner, Lover, person, if you

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Yo Chip, It’s your Business!

Yo Chip, do not worry about what others think!

Okay, so I must start out by saying that although I am not huge on paying attention to what is happening in the world of Professional Sports teams.  My conversations

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Rest is Over Rated

“This is a rest based workout.  That means that you actually want to rest in this workout. If you do this workout correctly you could be resting as much as you are working.  Your goal is to push as

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Lost in the Cloud!

Why torture yourself doing something that doesn’t come naturally? What is the real motivation to keep doing something when it only brings you pain?

“Bad habits are easy to acquire but hard to live with; Good habits are difficult to develop. A good habit results from a desire to work and sacrifice and sometimes a willingness to endure pain and suffering. But good habits are easy to live with. If you are willing to be uncomfortable for a little while, so you can press past the initial pain of change, in the long run your life will be much better. Pain doesn’t last forever, in fact, once you develop the new habit, the pain disappears.” Joel Osteen

Today I am admitting to the fact that technology has far

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